How to manage creating content for multiple platforms at once

How to manage creating content for multiple platforms at once

One of the big questions I’m often asked is how do I manage to keep on top of all of my different platforms and create regular content for all of them. It isn’t without serious time management and organisation I can tell you that, here are some of my tips to stay on top of your content and keep being productive.

I create content across a range of platforms and it’s all different, which means I’m taking photos for Instagram, writing tweets for Twitter, creating new blog posts and filming new videos for YouTube. Plus keeping up to date with all the latest new feature releases on each platform, such as the new release of Instagram Reels. That’s four different types of content and multiple times each week as well as working a full-time job. So here are my tips for maximising productivity.

Create a written to-do list

I am a big advocate of the to-do list, especially a handwritten one. I find writing down my plan ahead of the week makes it feel more real and stuck in my brain. I go for a week-long plan, day by day, that I write out on a Sunday or Monday for the week ahead. This includes any content I need to create, when it needs to be done by, any promotions I need to post out and how I will market everything that is live. I tend to have about 5-7 tasks a day to tick off that range anywhere from scheduling tweets to editing a video.

Having this all written out on a to-do list means it isn’t taking up space being stored in my brain, so it takes the pressure off of my shoulders a bit. It also guarantees I won’t forget anything because it’s all written down in front of me each day. And I suppose that’s another point, keep the to-do list somewhere you can see it, don’t write it out then put it back in a drawer.

Know your limits and time manage effectively

We are all only human and there is only so much we can do. It’s important not to push yourself beyond the hours you have in the day. If like me, you work a full-time job on top of being a content creator, you’ll already be stretched for time. Don’t set yourself a task you know you can’t complete on a given day, be realistic. This will not only boost your morale when you tick the task off but will also not give you unneeded stress prior to completing it.

I know I could push myself well into the evening with the work I do, but I also know I have a limit and do also need downtime. So I always try to finish what I’m doing by 8pm at the latest on a weekday. This then means I have the evening to do with what I wish and means I know I’ve done a good bit of work before I sit down to chill out.

How to manage creating content for multiple platforms at once

Give yourself breaks between each platform

Every social media and content creation platform is different and they all require different techniques when it comes to creating and posting content. If you’re having a day where you create a YouTube video and also schedule your tweets, try and space the two out so they are separate in your brain. It’s good to share your content across all platforms in terms of marketing, but I always try and vary the message of the content I’m posting about on each platform at any given time.

Giving yourself a break in between each platform allows you to almost put a different content hat on and look at the next platform with a fresh brain. It also stops you from getting burnt out to break up your content work more throughout the day.

Create some sort of schedule

This can be incredibly loose, I suppose it depends on how you like to work. For me, it’s knowing I post to my YouTube and Blog on certain days knowing I want to stick to them. It isn’t a schedule I’ll necessarily declare, but I know it’s there and something I want to stick to. By creating this loose guide you’re giving yourself some organisation as to when to create content by. This invisible deadline could be the motivator to get you posting regularly.

Plan/brainstorm ideas for content in advance

We’ve all been there, had that sudden moment of realising we don’t have a post scheduled in for this week. Thus ensues the panic to come up with an idea, write it out, create the graphics and schedule it in for your usual posting time. This is why I try to jot down any ideas I have during the week for content I may want to create, be it on my blog, a YouTube video or an Instagram photo idea. I find this helps too if my brain is ever not in the creating mood, I have a bank of content ideas to turn to when needed.

Accept you can’t be perfect

A finally, this one is tricky for the perfectionists among us. But there is a certain beauty in imperfection and that can apply to our content too. You can spend a long time crafting something and put your all into it and it still won’t be perfect. But I say again, we are only human. We are creating content because we love to do it and that passion will shine through. But you can’t please everyone and you can’t always produce work at 100% because that’s just how life works.

So yes, try your very best for your content, but also have fun with it and don’t stress if it isn’t 100% perfect, as long as you like and enjoy the content you’re putting out there.

How to manage creating content for multiple platforms at once

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  • Reply Becky 14/08/2020 at 2:33 pm

    I’m the same with multiple platforms (both at work and for the blog) and live for to do lists! I’m always using them 😅

  • Reply Zenobia 14/09/2020 at 10:14 am

    This is such a helpful post. I find it so hard maintaining all my platforms and land up ignoring a few in the end when I get overwhelmed.

  • Reply Anca Antoci 14/09/2020 at 11:51 am

    These are all great tips. At the moment I’m also reseaching social media cross posting tools to make the task easier.
    Also, I wanted to tell you that I fell in love with your Instagram 😍 You have such beautiful photos. The all have that same warmth! My blog is small and I’m still figuring things out (especially on IG). I will be lurking around to learn more from you 😁

  • Reply Flora 23/06/2021 at 10:50 pm

    Another well written post, Beth and very helpful. I tried to use digital calendars and schedules but it turns out I’m an old fashioned gal who needs to write a list. Lol! I am organised but it’s about working smarter so I’m always looking for tweaks and tips.

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