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Why I don’t like to get drunk


I’m writing this post after being involved in a conversation in which I was made to feel bad for not wanting to drink a lot of alcohol and get drunk. I left this talk feeling oddly awkward that other people thought to judge me because of my alcohol consumption, but also oddly empowered that I know how much fun I am without alcohol.

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Top 5 2019 book releases


2019 is the year of the sequel, I am so excited to catch back up with some of my favourite characters in books this year. This list is my top 5 most anticipated book releases to be published in 2019 and I cannot wait to read all of these!

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9 ways to beat Instagram’s Algorithm in 2019


Instagram’s algorithm is constantly changing, it can be hard to get your head around why your photos suddenly aren’t receiving as many likes, or that you’ve been stuck on the same follower count for weeks. I’ve written some tips to help you be the boss of your Instagram in 2019. Teaching you how to gain more followers, boost your engagement and take the best photos to suit your account.

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A look back on 2018


I’m sure there are a lot of posts like this going about at the moment, so thank you for reading mine. This is a look back for me on the year just gone, a reflection on how it was and what I achieved. I thought it would be nicer than setting goals for next year, because I already know what I want to go on and achieve.

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