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Tips to reduce waste from Secret Santa gifts


Secret Santa, a group activity to give gifts for Christmas with an element of surprise. You pick a name at random and have to shop for whoever it is you’ve selected. Usually there’s a budget involved and maybe even a wish list if you’re lucky! My issue with this though is the waste we’re creating by buying cheap and rubbish gifts.

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720 hours of November


November, November, November, a busy month for me! This month I went to Rome for a week, I watched A LOT of films, I won a quiz night, the new Fantastic Beasts film came out. It was a good one for sure in the lead up to December’s festivities. 🎄

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Finishing university and finding a job

My three years at university were the most exciting, most interesting and most fulfilling so far to me. I know other times will come and overtake them, but for the time being, they remain my fondest memories. Which is why, when I left, I found it immensely difficult to adapt.

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