Queens of Geek, Jen Wilde,


Queens of Geek, Jen Wilde (2017)

Themes: Contemporary, Young Adult, LGBT, Romance

Format: Paperback

Pages: 262


Spoiler Free

This book was such a pleasant surprise, I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did. It reminded me of the start of The Fandom by Anna Day, because of it’s setting in comic-con and the union of friends within the story. It’s a personal favourite of mine to see books featuring places like comic-con or somewhere that I can really relate to. The three main characters in this book were all very different, but I loved them all.

Taylor is autistic and I believe she also has social anxiety, she’s very worried about where her life is going. Jamie is nerdy, loves comics and has some hidden feelings for one of the characters. And Charlie is confident and sure of herself as well as a tiny bit famous. Together these three are facing SupaCon, or what we would know as comic-con, they make new friends and try a lot of new things. Generally this book had such a warm and bubbly feel throughout. Nothing majorly bad happened and it was all very self-motivational to love who you are and embrace that etc.

We go on journeys with each of the characters as they learn new things about themselves. I kept thinking it would fall down obvious plot lines and make me roll my eyes, but it didn’t. It stayed true to the vibe of these kinds of conventions and it was about being who you really are, which is exactly what you feel like doing when in this setting. I thought it was done very well and it certainly had me desperate to go back to comic-con with my friends.

This book is superb for diversity, it is in full support of LGBTQIA+ and it tackles issues related to diversity, such as homophobic comments. I love that sexuality is not a big deal in this book, it isn’t a main theme, it’s just something that is there in the background. It was really interesting to read about social anxiety from the perspective of one of the characters who was experiencing it. I always appreciate when things like this are portrayed well in books, suffering from OCD myself, it’s hard to find someone who writes it accurately.

I’d love a follow up to this book, to find out what happened to the characters, but a quick google doesn’t indicate that is in the cards yet? If you want something fun and easy, and certainly a quick read, then I would highly advice this book!

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