Vengeful, V.E. Schwab

Vengeful by V.E. Schwab (2018) (Villains #2)
Themes: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Adult
Format: Hardback
Pages: 575
This review will contain spoilers if you have not read and finished Vicious, the first book in this series.
(I was sent a copy of this book from the publishers in exchange for a fair review, thank you very much to Titan Books for sending me this copy)

This book is the second in the Villains series by the amazing Victoria Schwab, the first of which was Vicious, which was a truly fantastic read that I enjoyed earlier this year. This sequel did need a little bit of a refresh at the start in my opinion, but I soon found my way with the characters I loved.

The whole of Vicious was all about this rivalry between Eli and Victor, who would be able to stop the other first. I love these two so much and despite the  crap they get themselves involved in, I just wanted the best for them throughout both books. They used to be such good friends and we see some back story to this through Eli’s past in Vengeful. So it’s even more heartbreaking that they alienated themselves from each other.

On this note, Eli was/is a religious man and he has a lot of questions about his religion. Was it God’s will that he has his power, or did he meddle with God’s will in order to give himself this power. I quite enjoyed the philosophical debate that was always underlying in this book, it gave the story more depth. It also gives Eli his purpose, he thinks what he is doing is right, his motive to stop EOs from spreading is such a purpose for him.

On the one hand we see Eli and his goal, but then we also have Victor and his goals. This book sees Victor becoming a lot darker and sadder. He has selfish goals that drive him and he is definitely drifting away from those who care about him. I think this book really highlights his demise, which was sad to read about.

The individuality that Victoria Schwab puts into each of her characters makes them so loveable. Each has their own traits that are key to them as a character and just make me want to meet them all. I absolutely adored Sydney and Mitch, those two are just perfect. Mitch just loves that kid so much and looks out for her like she’s his own.

I love being introduced to new EOs too, June, Marcella and Jonathon. I like seeing what their abilities are. I loved June, she is able to shapeshift and generally be a human voodoo doll. She is just generally quite awesome, you can tell she both wants to be part of a small family with Sydney but also wants her individuality and to be a loner. I want to read more about her, can we have a June novella?

This novel jumped all around the place with it’s time zones, building up to the last 50 pages or so of present day. To start with it confused me a little, but I soon caught on. I really loved seeing more of different characters at different times in the book and see their relationships forming in a funny order. It was a different take on ways of telling a plot and I thought it worked really well.

Have you read Vengeful? What did you think?

V. E. Schwab

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