Visiting Rome; the Eternal City


Italy has been on my list of countries to visit for a while, the food, the sites, the beauty. I was thrilled to be able to travel to Rome, the capital city, in the November of 2018 for my holiday.

Eating Italian food

Oh my poor stomach, I can’t say I ate healthily, but I sure did eat well. I didn’t consume one single ounce of fruit on this holiday, which pained me as I love fruit. But pasta, pizza and ham, I was consuming daily. I dread to think about the weight gain over this week. (Additional comment, some how I only gained 2lb… I am shocked and pleased!)

I don’t think it’s possible to come to Rome and not be excited to try out the famous food it is known for. I think my favourite meal was either a safe bet of a pizza from a stone baked restaurant, or the meal from our first night, spaghetti in front of the Pantheon.

On every corner in Rome there is some sort of food, be it a Pizzeria, a Gelato shop, or an expensive chocolate store. We were never without somewhere to satisfy our stomachs. At a reasonably €15 max for a meal and a drink, we were quite happy with the price of eating out here.

We found an amazing gelato shop near our hotel with 150 flavours! I went back several times for what they called the ‘kinder family’, which was a combination of kinder egg and kinder bueno, it was as yum as it sounds!

Visiting the churches

On every corner there was a church, of which we went in as many as we could. I wanted to visit the sites from the Angels and Demons book/film to see the set in real life. These churches did not disappoint, they were absolutely stunning. You need to remember to look up when visiting these places in Rome, the detail in the ceilings is unlike anything I have ever seen. The Sistine Chapel has the artwork from Michael Angelo decorating its ceiling and it was breathtaking to look at. Everywhere meter there was a different story being told.

Staying near the Pantheon

When we arrived at our hotel I don’t think we realised quite how close we were to the Pantheon, a very old domed church. We checked in in the dark, so weren’t really able to get a grasp of our surroundings. But when we ventured out for our first meal that evening, we stumbled across the Pantheon within two minutes. This building is truly stunning, it’s scale on it’s own is breathtaking, but the inside design and the way it centres around the oculus.

Around this amazing building are so many restaurants and shops, we were spoilt for choice. We came back here to eat several times for both the food and the view. It’s quite unlike anything else to just be eating your dinner and looking on the Pantheon, as you can see from my photo.

Visiting the Vatican

Vatican City is a weirdly positioned country in the middle of Rome, that’s right, it’s a different country. Possible mostly known for the place where the Pope lives, but also the home of St Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel. I had the pleasure of visiting both of this places and being wowed by the scale and beauty of these buildings.

No photos could do St Peter’s Basilica justice, the grandeur of the design, the art, the sculptures. It is a wonder to behold and a never ending site of beauty and history. We went back three times because I couldn’t stop taking it all in, such a stunning place!

The Colosseum

We couldn’t not visit this iconic spot in the city, this definitely turned out to be one of the best places we saw, for me. It didn’t get old, walking around a corner and suddenly seeing a Roman ruin. This structure is amazing to behold, huge and still so clearly representing what it formally was.

You are able to walk around the ruins and see what people so many years ago would have viewed. As barbaric as the use for this building was, it was a beautiful place to be able to witness. We were so lucky to have such lovely and warm weather on this day, it made the visit a lot more pleasant, although I think we clocked up a 20k+ step count on this day!


Walking through ruins

As I said, it never grew old, suddenly walking around a corner and coming face to face with a ruined building/area. I really enjoyed our visit to Ostia Antica, an old port that had become completely ruined over time. What was different about this place was that you could walk through the town that once was, you could go in and out of old buildings and really explore.

It felt a little like a ghost town, there weren’t many people there, but it was interesting to imagine where the houses and shops would have been. We also made a little friend as we ate lunch at the amphitheatre.

I could talk forever about our trip, it was magical and amazing and I am so glad I was able to tick a location off of my travel bucket list. 5 STARS to this holiday, one to be remembered! Where’s next on your list to travel to?

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    Thanks for sharing. What an amazing experience.

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      It really was!

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