Legendary, Stephanie Garber


Legendary, Stephanie Garber (2018)

Themes // Young Adult, Fantasy, Carnival, Magic, Nonsense

Pages // 432


Spoiler Free

No sooner had this book left my hands than I am writing my review on it, because this book hit me hard and fast. I was reading this for about three weeks, muddling along for no reason at such a slow pace. Then two days ago I downloaded the audiobook and listened to six hours in one sitting, because it was so addictive and exciting. I love the Alice and Wonderland-esk nonsense to this world, it’s what first drew me to the books, anything is possible and isn’t that why we read?

Where the first book, Caraval, follows Scarlett, this book followers her sister Tella. A character I didn’t love much in the first book, but she suddenly became a lot more appealing. Searching to find her lost mother, this book follows another game of Caraval, full of twists and turns and moments where I couldn’t make myself stop listening. I really enjoyed seeing the same characters return back, but as entirely different people, a new game of  Caraval means I new role for these actors, it made the book feel more refreshed and like there was less pressure to remember exactly who everyone was.

I think this one took a tiny bit longer to get going, but once the game begun it was non stop action and entertainment as far as I was concerned. I wanted Tella to reach her goal, but I also wanted to much more for her, happiness, a romance, a solution to WHO THE HELL IS LEGEND. Because I feel like we waited long enough for that one right? When I knew there was going to be a third book I almost waited to read this one at the release of the final read in the trilogy, should I be left on a cliffhanger. I’m glad I didn’t do that though, this book was very enjoyable and occupied my mind even when I wasn’t reading it, which you know is always a very good sign!

It’s always hard writing a review for a sequel, because I don’t want to give to much away. This book is even harder to keep secrets about, it has so many hidden plots and exciting turns that I think I’ll keep my mouth shut now. Have you started this series yet?

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