Geekerella, Ashley Poston


Geekerella, Ashley Poston (2017)

Themes: Young Adult, Romance, Contemporary, Fandom

Pages: 320


Spoiler Free

Once I stopped crying I thought I should probably write a review for this book. If the nerd bones run through your body, if you have a calling that is fantasy not reality, if you feel like you belong somewhere else, this book is for you. I knew this would be a fun read, but I didn’t expect it to be as hard hitting and emotional as it was, it really tugged at my heartstrings and made me feel a lot.

Elle is the Cinderella of this tale, trapped in a life she does not want with an arse of a stepfamily. I found myself yelling at this book for her to stand up to her cow of a stepmother, but this never really seemed to happen (my only flaw). I just wanted a better life for Elle, she was without her parents and she had no body at the start of this book, she deserved so much more. This certainly made me feel like I missed my dad, I don’t get to see him very often, the feeling Elle missing her dad and the time they spent together boding made me feel a twinge of sadness. Elle forms new relationships in this book though to give her some hope, a friend and a love interest, as per the usual Cinderella story.

There is a huge message of accepting yourself for who you are in this book, there’s a huge speech in the middle about how we all stand together and are part of one big unit with our different fandoms. It reminded me of Dumbledore’s speech in the Goblet of Fire, about how we all speak in different tongues, but our heart’s still beat as one, the idea of unity despite our differences. This is the part that made me feel the most emotional, the fact that the fandoms we are part of, really do serve as a family. We always have somewhere to turn to in this day and age of technology, we are only a phone’s click away from Twitter or anywhere we can talk to our friends online who share our interests. We don’t need to be alone and neither did Elle, that was what this book was telling her.

I also want to comment on this cover of this book, the characters are kind of faceless, which I think allows the reader to put themselves into the characters. It was an incredibly easy story to fall into because of the narrative and the short chapters and insights into various character’s lives. You felt like you were one of these characters, you felt their pain and you saw both sides of this romance between Elle and her mystery man.

Guys I just felt so much. I wanted so much for these characters, they evolved so much throughout this story and I am so proud of them, but man I cried. I set myself up for this one though, this is a Cinderella-esk story, so of course it was going to be difficult and familiar, but torture because of the feeeeels!

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