Scarlet, Marissa Meyer


Scarlet by Marissa Meyer (The Lunar Chronicles #2) (2013)

Genres: Fantasy, Retelling, Young Adult, Sci-fi

Format: Paperback

Pages: 452

Reading Time: 03/02/17 – 08/02/17

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Safe to say that there are probably going to be spoilers for Cinder in this review, as this is the second book in the series.

This book had the advantage of presenting the reader with an already familiar setting and characters that we already knew. We also met new characters, mainly Scarlet, Thorne and Wolf. This book was all about Scarlet trying to save her grandmother and Cinder trying to escape the fate we saw her left in after the first book.

Massive credit to Marissa Meyer on her ability to so cleverly weave the original fairytales into these stories. I love how a gang of wolf-people have taken Scarlet’s grandmother, whilst an obvious plot device when you think about, this is cleverly woven into the story and initially I forgot we were reading a Red Riding Hood adaptation.

This story is fast paced and filled with action that follows two badass women and two very interesting male characters. Thorne is my favourite character in this series so far, he is so innocent to the situation and just wants to help out Cinder and have a fun time – their friendship is awesome. I also feel like we know Cinder will end up with Kai so there is no romance inferred between her and Thorne, which just makes it even better in my opinion. Thorne definitely offers the comic relief in this book, he is a great character to read about.

Wolf is a sexy guy in my head… and on the fan art I have one my wall. I love his internal conflicts throughout this book and his struggle to be either good or bad, it makes him more of an interesting character to read about and intrigues me to see if he can be ‘fixed’. I trust the guy though and I think his intentions with Scarlet are genuine, particularly judging from the last scene we read between the two of them. I want to know more about him and how he came to be this wolf-human thing in the next book, so I am hoping that is covered.

We obviously already know Cinder from book one, but this book sees her struggling with the news she has learnt and how to do the right thing. Scarlet is a new character and from the off I can see she is someone who can take care of herself and she is very strong and independent, for which she has her grandmother to thank. I love how she has been kept separate from all things Lunar and now she has suddenly been thrown in to the middle of it all, because this is just what is happening with Cinder too. Maybe the two girls can form a friendship from these events, it seems like they both need a female friend!

I really enjoyed seeing different countries in this book and knowing a little more about the world this is set in. We got to see a glimpse of Lunar too – this is definitely something that I would like more of in the future books. I want to know how it came about that people were living outside of the Earth and whether there was a big discovery of them as if they were aliens. I doubt we will get given much detail on the origin of Lunar, but perhaps this will be covered in one of the novellas that I am yet to buy.

To conclude, this has got to be one of my favourite series, I love everything about it and I want to savour the rest of the books. Let me know your thoughts if you’ve read Scarlet!

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