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I wanted to let you all know that on Saturday the 1st of September I’m making the move from Wix to WordPress. I used to run my blog through, but I found it restrictive and clunky, so I switched to Wix. Wix is a drag and drop based website creator, you can do quite a lot and make pages from scratch to however you want them really. I like it a lot, it’s easy to use and cheap. But recently I have experienced so many tiny flaws with Wix that I have been put off, my posts are sometimes coming out looking wrong, it randomly makes changes to my site and the mobile view is constantly being altered. So I decided to give a go.

For anyone looking to host on Wix here’s a quick breakdown of my experience:

• Easy to navigate and set up

• You can make it look however you want it to

• Well priced

• No coding needed

• Very easy for one thing to mess up everything else

• It can have flaws with you having no clue how to right them

• Randomly breaks and their customer services advice it is a user error (it is not)

• Previews of blogs do not reflect what the published version will look like

• Isn’t as compatible with service in the way other sites are

I have found a company to help me with the move and I’m really hoping I can still have a blog that looks just as good as this one, but just works a lot better. I’ve been told the change will just pass over without anyone noticing, so once I give the all clear with the design the domain will switch over. My name will remain the same and my email subscribers will move over too, so really the only difference you will notice is the change in look. Anything added to my blog on the 1st won’t appear in the move so I won’t be posting again until the site is changed over, but this should only take a matter of days.

I’m very excited about this move, I’ve dedicated a lot of time to looking at what would be best for my blog and my readers and I think this is going to look really good. Fingers crossed I don’t get too mad at WordPress and regret the choice, but I think it will be a good one. I’ll see you when I have a new and improved blog!

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