Visiting Kefalonia


Kefalonia, a tiny little island to the West of Greece that sits on the Ionian Sea and our holiday destination in the May of 2018. I’m a lover of Greek Myths and my boyfriend has a passion for the history of Ancient Greece, it’s a wonder we haven’t been before! This island wasn’t teeming with history in an obvious way, but it was scattered with sites and tourist spots that encompassed Greek traditions, the culture and just beautiful places to be.

I’m beginning to write this post on our final morning, sat on our balcony watching the sun rise and listening to the birds, it’s so tranquil, I don’t want to leave. It’s my dream to visit more places like this and perhaps one day move out of the UK, but for now I’ll settle for adding this stunning view to my memories. From our hotel you can see the island of Zante in the distance on a clear day, which means we had a sea view room that also overlooked the pool.

I loved this view every single morning and it was a real moment for me to be able to watch the sunrise on our final day, in-fact earlier in the week you could see dolphins from the edged of the swimming pool which was amazing. In the way of wildlife this island is also known for it’s collection of Loggerback Turtles, which you can see in the city of Argostoli, we weren’t fortunate enough to be here at the right time though so we missed out on the turtles. This is a bucket list thing for me though, so we’ve decided to have a trip that is more turtle dedicated to somewhere in the future.

Our trip was a mix of pool side reading and sun-tanning, as well as visiting some sites and touring the island as best as we could. We didn’t rent a car so we relied on public transport, planned coach tours organised by the hotel, and thankfully a lovely couple we met who drove us on a day out with them. We visited most of the key sites of the island, Melissani cave, Drogarati cave, Myrtos Beach, St George’s Castle. For only two days outside of the resort, I think we saw a lot! I’ll go into more detail about our travels in another blog post.

A bit of a surprise to me was how social this holiday ended up being, obviously I was coming with my boyfriend, but we ended up making a few friends along the way too. It’s surprising how easy it is to make friends on a resort like this, we just struck up conversations with people and suddenly we were arranging a day trip out and drinks the next night. It was brilliant and I need to find a way to adapt it to my life at home too.

The hotel we stayed at was the Apostolata Resort and Spa, an all inclusive hotel that catered for our every needed. It’s been bliss staying here, constant access to a beautiful pool, a spa whenever we want it, unlimited food and drink (alcohol included), it’s been the perfect place to enjoy our holiday. For the first time we booked through Thomas Cook for our holiday and I have to say, it took a huge pressure off of me to find the perfect spot. Our hotel was a two hour transfer from the airport, but that was all arranged for us, any day trips out were organised by another company and Thomas Cook just booked us onto them. It was worry free and exactly what a holiday should be, I think I’ll definitely be heading to a travel agents in the future to book my next holiday.

With a sunny sky of 25 degrees Celsius and upwards most days, this was such a good time of year to come. I love tanning outside in the sun, but too hot is unpleasant, I think we struck gold though with a really nice temperate and some decent breeze. Saying that though, it didn’t stop me from burning the triangular lines of my bikini into my body though, oops! I had the opportunity to get through nearly three books on this holiday; The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, To Kill and Kingdom and most of Mythos. The later felt particularly important to read as it is a Greek Myths retelling by Stephen Fry, so where better a place to read it?!

Our hotel was great fun, it helped to be all inclusive, but there was also a wide range of entertainment. My favourite of which had to be both the fire show and the evening we spent dancing. The fire show was one very crazy South African man with a self admitted lack of planning and fire on sticks, the above photo being the rather impressive results. The dancing was great fun too, there was music in the bar each evening and on one of them a group had started dancing so me and boyfriend joined in and didn’t stop until a couple of hours later. I think that night might have helped me burn off the mass amount of all inclusive food I ate on this trip.

For me this holiday was full of laughs and smiles, it wasn’t the most relaxing as I’m used to a private pool area, but it was certainly an experience and one that I would happily repeat! An undeniable five out of five boot prints for my first proper travel experience of 2018.

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