Cress, Marissa Meyer


Cress, Marissa Meyer (2014)

Genres: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Young Adult, Romance

Format: Paperback

Pages: 550

★★★ 1/2

This is the third book in the Lunar Chronicles series and I really enjoyed it! It went a little slow for me at times, which is why it hasn’t seeped into 4 star category. But generally it was fast paced, action packed and kept me interested. This was also the final book I had to read to hit my Goodreads challenge, so I have now official read 55 books in 2017!

If you couldn’t guess, we get introduced to a new character in this book, Cress, who is our Rapunzel equivalent. She’s very good with technology and has been trapped on a satellite for most of her life until Thorne comes along. I think Thorne may be one of my favourite characters, he reminds me a lot of someone I know so that makes him all the funnier for me, but also he’s just lovely and protective and kind. Each characters have their own special traits that make you love them all, but for me, Thorne stands out as the heroic type, and I love a good hero!

Back on track though, this book is clearly building up to some big stuff happening in Winter, which is about right given that Winter is 827 pages long. I think Cress (book not character) was there for the purpose of bringing all of our characters together for the reader and uniting them in one mission, this it did very well. I really don’t want to write too much more, because I like to try and keep my reviews spoiler free.

To me this series is warm and cosy, it’s home. It’s where I go at the moment when I need to be pulled out of a slump or I need a familiar series with characters I love.

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