IT, Stephen King

IT, Stephen King
IT, Stephen King (1986)
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Fantasy
Format: Paperback/Audibook (44hrs 52mins)
Pages: 1,166

I finished IT this evening and oh boys and girls let me tell you, it sure was a good’un, oh yes friends and neighbours! If you don’t know why I’m writing like that, then you haven’t read IT and you don’t know about Pennywise the Dancing Clown, do you? May I urge you to discard the doubt of how successful you could be in reading a book of this size and just go for it. I read this in a week by listening to the audiobook alongside reading a physical copy, the narrator was bon and made the whole reading experience perfect. My review will be spoiler free, because I don’t think I could do it justice in a simple review if I went into more detail.

IT was my first proper horror book and it didn’t scare me, I came out unscathed by Pennywise, I live to tell the tale! Maybe my response won’t be quite the same after seeing the film… if I’m brave enough to watch it. I could see every point this book tried to scare me, and maybe it was my reading speed that numbed the fear, but it didn’t get me in the way I expected it to. No, the reason I fell in love with this book was because of how easily I could fall into the story, there was so much background, but in a way that I loved and found really intriguing. I wanted to know what happened right from the start and I remained gripped up until the last page, almost expecting more words to appear in-front of me.

There are several main characters to follow in this book, which is fine because have you seen the size of it?! I think we get a really decent split of info on each of them and as the book progresses, we get to see their development. I’m sure there are essay topics within this book about the role of women, children vs adults, imagination and fear. It’s definitely a book you can keep learning about even after you finish it, and I will be. Most of these topics would be prompted by the characters, the main ones of which comprise the Loser’s Club which instantly gives them my love. We have an array of characters here and through them various issues are tackled, race, religion, gender, sexual attraction. It really is a plethora of discussion topics, but it is also sexually explicit, homophobic and has no attempt to hide strong language and racism, so if this is something that would bother you – you have been warned.

The book is kind of split throughout between the present and the past, from when the main characters were children to when they are now adults. It’s like King hit the fast forward button and got stuck on rewind again every few chapters. Usually I would find this kind of narrative annoying, but not in this book, this book needed this structure to bring it’s plot around and make every reveal crucial. I’ve heard people say that reading this book is an experience and you totally get pulled into the character’s lives and I definitely agree. I felt very involved in the story and still do even now after finishing it. So if you want your book to be your companion, give IT a go.

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