Passenger, Alexandra Bracken


Passenger by Alexandra Bracken (2016)

Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult, Sci-fi, Historical

Format: Paperback

Pages: 486

Reading Time: 17/08/16 – 24/08/16


Could Alexandra Bracken be the next queen of time travel? Here’s a spoiler free review to give you my thoughts.

Passenger follows Etta and Nicholas as they jump between time zones to find something that has been hidden. We visit a lot of different countries with lots of different cultures and in lots of different time periods. Bracken’s writing gives beautiful description to both jungles and war battered streets, as well as many other encapsulating environments; and I think this is her leading feature that made me not be able to put this book down.

Once I started this book it consumed my thoughts until I finished it. Not only does Bracken know how to give you a cliffhanger to make you read the next chapter, and the next book, but she also makes me want to know more about each time zone. I have been a little obsessed with the musical Hamilton at the moment, despite not being American I am still finding the history of the founding fathers fascinating. There is a whole sequence of events set in 1776 New York City, which is the start of one of my favourite Hamilton songs! I got a bit excited and showed my boyfriend, who didn’t seem to care quite as much as I did. It was really interesting to read from another perspective on a piece of history that I have recently been finding out a lot about. So with each historical period, came new events and people and I wanted to know all about them. This book has managed to spark up my old interest in history and prompted an afternoon spent where my boyfriend taught me a very vague timeline of events from BC to now. So well done to Alexandra Bracken for making my brain work more than it has for a while!

I had read that this book was slow to get going and people where finding it a challenge to get through, but I found the very opposite. I thought the narrative had a great pace, I was able to get to know the characters and their surroundings well enough without getting bored. The descriptions Bracken uses are so entrancing and made me feel like I was inside the book as well. I loved ever page and I loved being able to get involved with the characters journey. I don’t think I have read a book this well written for a while and I could barely put it down, particularly in the beautiful weather England has been having recently.

Of course, this novel has been left on a cliffhanger and we won’t get the next one until next year I believe. But for once I will actually be in the loop when everyone is getting all hyped up for the release… providing you all do get hyped up, which you should because this book is fantastic! So I am glad I am now in the know, because for a while this book remained on my TBR shelf through fear of me not liking it – I had been seeking this out for a while as I waited for it to arrive in the UK, so it was heavily anticipated on my behalf.

If you have this book on your shelf and, like me were sceptical about whether to pick it up, then I hope I have convinced you to give it a go! And if you’ve already read it and loved it, or disliked it then let me know in the comments and we can have a chat!

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