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There and back again, a trip to Oxford


For my birthday this year my boyfriend and I went to Oxford to visit the Tolkien Exhibition in the Bodliean Library. Oxford is the city I was born in, the home to a very prestigious university, many academic sites and just a beautiful place to visit. If you like London, but the hustle and bustle gets to you, then Oxford is a more tamer and cleaner version. We weren’t just in the city to visit the exhibition, so we took a little wander too and discovered what the city had to offer.

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10 Places to visit in the South of England


I’ve spent my whole life living in the South of England, so I feel like I’ve been able to explore a fair bit of it. Here’s a list in an attempt at left to right geographical order of 10 brilliant places to visit if your visiting us in the South.

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Visiting Kefalonia


Kefalonia, a tiny little island to the West of Greece that sits on the Ionian Sea and our holiday destination in the May of 2018. I’m a lover of Greek Myths and my boyfriend has a passion for the history of Ancient Greece, it’s a wonder we haven’t been before! This island wasn’t teeming with history in an obvious way, but it was scattered with sites and tourist spots that encompassed Greek traditions, the culture and just beautiful places to be.

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A Weekend in Portsmouth


I took a weekend trip to Portsmouth at the end of February, as I’m British I best say a thing or two about the weather, despite the near freezing temperatures, we had pure blue skies the whole time! The goal of our trip was to visit the outlet centre and go to a gig in the evening, both of which we enjoyed a lot. Two rather different experiences of the City though, but I had a fantastic trip.

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