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Halloween Reads


It’s that time of year again where the Witches come out from their huts, Vampires walk among us and people dress up as scary arse clowns. It can only be, Halloween! Undoubtedly my favourite of the smaller holidays, it not only symbolises magic and weirdness, but also the start of darker evenings and cosiness. Continue Reading

Subscription Boxes


When it comes to the middle of the month, I start to await the arrival of my subscription boxes! I am subscribed to two book boxes and I love them both, so I thought I’d share with you their wonders.

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Sex in Literature


I’ve read a lot of books in my 22 years, and in my teen years those books started to become more about relationships and less about magical adventures. At around 12 I think I read my first book with a sex scene and it really intrigued me. Ten years on and a much more developed human and now adult, I want to look at how sex scenes are used in literature, specifically YA, and whether they are welcome or not. In my opinion, a sex scene done well is a decent addition to a book, but I know that to some sex is a very taboo subject. I personally feel we should all be able to talk about sex and our bodies without shame or embarrassment and including it more in literature could help normalise it for those who do put it in the taboo box.

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Bookstagram Tips


A year and a half ago I joined the Bookstagram community after observing as an outsider for some months. I wanted to get involved myself because I wanted to express my love of reading and I wanted to be part of something that seemed to make so many people feel so happy. You can find my account here.

Since I started Bookstagram my account has gone through many changes and has grown in popularity gradually. It hasn’t been without hard work that I have got to where I am and I do treat this as a second job of sorts. I’ve seen top tips floating around so I thought I’d offer a few of my own.

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