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I love Christmas time for the traditions it brings out, things held strong by families for generations. It’s always fun to form new traditions whilst also celebrating the old. I’ve asked you guys what traditions you have and I thought I’d share some of my own! 

My Traditions

My family traditions are part of the reason I love Christmas so much, it makes this time of year feel all cosy and exciting. Here they are:

• Every year on Christmas Eve we go to the same Chinese for a meal. Seems a bit random, but it’s been going on long before me and I love it. The staff in their know us now, the decorations are always 90’s gaudy, but it is just Christmas for me. 

• Putting up the Christmas Tree should be a family affair I think. We used to have a tape of really awful Christmas songs that we would play every year, but as times have changed, we’ve progressed to using Spotify. So we have our Christmas tunes on whilst we decorate the tree, usually this involves us waiting until my sister has gone to bed to rearrange the decorations she put in bad places.

• Stockings are a staple part of Christmas, but our traditions include my mum getting one too. I love making her stocking every year, it’s such fun to pick out little bits she’ll like. So on Christmas Eve night we will lay out stockings outside our doors and come morning ‘Santa’ will have filled them up!

• Every year recently we have made our own Christmas cake, usually it’s a bit of a mess, but it’s really fun to get involved in. We try and search Pinterest for the simplest design and get our baking game on. 

Your traditions

I asked you on Twitter and Instagram what your Christmas traditions are, here’s some of the answers! I didn’t want to miss any out, so I’ve included all of the responses I was given, I loved reading about all of your traditions. 

AStudyinStarlight on Twitter said that her family goes bowling every Christmas Eve. This sounds like a really fun way to spend some time together and have some family bonding at the end of the year.

ConnieReads on Instagram has said that her mum and her always watch the Carols from Kings College Cambridge on Christmas Eve. What a cosy little tradition, I love listening to carols too, so festive! 

EmEdwardsLittle on Instagram likes to keep the yummiest of traditions with a trio of desserts, I think that’s a pretty good way to go!

• Both EapStudios on Instagram and KarlisBooks on Twitter said they love to play board games and make gingerbread houses. I used to make a gingerbread house and it was such good fun to decorate it all, so intricate too! 

• Luna from Novel_Darlings on Twitter’s tradition is to have a stocking with plushy mice in that sing carols in squeaky mouse voices. Luna says every year the stocking comes out and every year their animals look at them like they’re nuts. This sounds like a pretty fun tradition to me!

HistoryChatter on Twitter has a tradition of watching The Snowman every Christmas eve. This is one I can easily get behind, I love the Raymond Briggs stories, the animation is so lovely and they’ve been around every Christmas for me.

AmberElby on Twitter’s family have two German traditions. They leave shoes and reindeer food by the fireplace on the night before Christmas Day and find a little gift their the next morning. They also search for a pickle ornament to win a prize on Christmas Eve.

BookStormGirl on Twitter makes cookies and has a secret santa/treasure hunt around the house, this sounds like so much fun!

McGonagall on Twitter says that every Christmas Eve her close family and friends have the same meal in their Christmas jumpers, how cosy!

PhilippaMary_94 on Twitter has a traditions with her sister to unwrap new pyjamas on Christmas Eve, they also make mince pies together and put the decorations on the tree. 

TattedBookworm on Twitter opens up one gift before bed on Christmas Eve with her brother, every year it’s pyjamas. I’m jealous! 

BethanyandLife on Twitter says that Christmas really starts when her and her family go to the local Christingle, this sounds so sweet!

AmandaLynnBxo on Twitter will be celebrating her first Christmas with her husband their daughter this year. She’s going to be starting a tradition of opening jammies and a book on Christmas Eve, how cute!

TheBookBakery17 on Twitter gets up early on Christmas morning to open presents, eat cookies for breakfast, have breakfast for lunch and Chinese for dinner. They stay in PJs all day and enjoy their gifts. Now this sounds like the perfect Christmas Day to me!

JShelton89 on Twitter enjoys using the leftover turkey and ham to make a big pie on boxing day!

LadyPirateKing on Twitter has a Pizza buffet on Christmas Eve at their grandparent’s house and then that evening everyone gets to open one present from the tree. This sounds perfect!

BookWormAndTheatreMouse on Instagram likes to watch The Muppet Christmas Carol every Christmas Eve, I love this film, so Christmassy!

Thank you so much to everyone who shared their Christmas traditions with me, I had good fun reading them all. If you have any more, please add them in the comments!


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  • Reply Rums the Reader 25/12/2018 at 1:22 pm

    I think the greatest part of any occasion is the traditions we all have and it was lovely to hear about yours as well as other peoples traditions. I like how everyone has such unique ones. Although I don’t celebrate christmas, I do have my own tradition in a sense which consists of being in PJs all day and watching all the brilliant movies that are on TV this time of year. Thanks for sharing!

    • Reply BooksNest 25/12/2018 at 10:56 pm

      That sounds like a lovely way to enjoy the time, I’m glad you enjoyed the post!

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