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I’ve finally been tagged to do the Bookish Naughty or Nice tag created by Jenniely!! YAY! Thank you to What Vicky Read for tagging me, I’m eager to get going with my answers and see if I’m on the naughty or nice list this year…


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  • Tag another 10 people! (I’ve tagged 5 because 10 is a lot!)

1. Received an ARC and not reviewed it ✔

I blame YALC for this one… I can’t say no to the ARCs being thrown at me and sometimes it’s hard to get to them in time. I do try very hard to read all of the ARCs I receive though, especially before their release date.

2. Have less than 60% feedback rating on Netgalley ✔

I’m rocking along at a nice 50% there. Oops. I blame my obscene amount of physical books to read. I pick up my kindle a lot less at the moment, it’s nice to get away from a screen when I read. Also fun fact, I only realised this year that it was NetGALLEY and not NetGALLERY. Mind. Blown.

3. Rated a book on Goodreads and promised a full review was to come on your blog (and never did) 

I’m actually super good at getting on with my reviews, because I know what will happen if I’m not. So I tend to try and get them done as soon as I can and then I cross post them on Goodreads after my initial star rating.

4. Folded down the page of a book

I don’t think I’ve done that this year, not even on an old battered second hand copy of a book!

5. Accidentally spilled on a book

Again, I’m super careful with my books so I’ve managed to avoid this so far. I don’t tend to drink anything other than water anyway really anyway so if I did spill, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

6. DNF a book this year ✔

I most probably have done this. With all my promotion of DNFing books on Twitter, I’ve definitely lived by it with my own reading life.

7. Bought a book purely because it was pretty with no intention of reading it ✔

Guilty as charged, my leather bound edition of Alice and Wonderland. It’s stunning, but it’s more for my collection than for me to read.

8. Read whilst you were meant to be doing something else (like homework)

I don’t really have much else I’m meant to be doing in my free time, so I’m able to say I haven’t done this one.

9. Skim read a book ✔

I have skim listened to a book if that counts? Sometimes I use audible to finish some books I’m not loving but need to read. Either to review or because they’re in a series I want to continue with.

10. Completely missed your Goodreads goal

I’ve sailed way past it this year, so I’m safe. My goal was to read 30 books and I have read 40. Last year I really struggled to reach my goal and it made my reading experience a bit tainted, so I set it lower this year.

11. Borrowed a book and not returned it to the library

Since I’ve moved I haven’t used our local library because I haven’t really needed to to be honest. With a TBR the size of mine I can’t tempt my brain with even more choice of books.

12. Broke a book buying ban

I don’t think I’ve set myself on a ban this year, I don’t tend to need to. Because of where I live, I don’t have much of an option to go book shopping and I can easily avoid online shopping because I find the browsing experience isn’t as nice. Also, books make me happy, why would I want to ban myself from buying them?

13. Started a review, left it for ages then forgot what the book was about 

Like I said previously, I’m quite good at reviewing books as soon as I can. Mainly so I can prevent situations like this one arising.

14. Wrote in a book you were reading

I don’t think I have done this since I was at school and we have to write in the books to make notes. I keep post-it notes by my bed to jot down anything whilst I’m reading.

15. Finished a book and not added it to your Goodreads

I’m always adding my books to my Goodreads to work towards hitting that goal!

16. Borrowed a book and not returned it to a friend

I don’t tend to borrow books off friends because I live super far away from the ones that also like the same books as me. I don’t really like to borrow books either incase they get damaged. I also like adding each book I’ve read to my little personal library.

17. Dodged someone asking if they can borrow a book ✔

Always! I’ve had people at work ask about borrowing books, I think they know not to now. I do not trust other humans with my lovely books.

18. Broke the spine of someone else’s book

Again, I don’t borrow books so this one can’t happen with me.

19. Took the jacket off a book to protect it and ended up making it more damaged

I think this would have happened when I read The Poppy War, but by some weird mistake my copy had two dust-jackets, so I just kept the backup one on whilst I was reading it.

20. Sat on a book accidentally 

Ha, I love this one! I don’t think I’ve done this recently. I remember once when I was a kid, I was reading past my bedtime and my mum came upstairs. I was so worried she’d tell me off, that I kind of dived on my book to hide it and pretended to be asleep. I was very sad to see I’d completely bent the cover when I took it out of its hiding place.

How did I do?

Nice: 14

Naughty: 6

Wow, I made the nice list! Pretty pleased with myself there, my books are lucky to have me!

I tag:

Cat from TackFiction

Connie from Connie Reads

Tara from Blog About a Latte

Kirsty from The Bibliophile Girl

Rae from Thrifty Bibliophile

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  • Reply Kelly Brigid 15/12/2018 at 6:07 pm

    Love all your answers! I’m rocking a 50% ratio on Netgalley as well, so you’re not alone! Haha .Happy reading, love! <3

    • Reply BooksNest 16/12/2018 at 8:11 pm

      Yay, I’ve totally left it to the side recently to be honest.

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