Top 5 books to leave you feeling inspired


Sometimes a book makes you feel truly inspired, be it to work on an essay, tick things off your to do list or discover a new hobby. Here’s my list of top five young adult books to leave you feeling inspired.  

Eliza and her Monsters

Eliza is an online artist and storyteller, she works so hard at creating her webcomic that her dedicated steams through the pages. She draws and writes because she loves it, but also because she feels like she needs to, so we see two different types of motivation. For me though, to see how dedicated she is left me feeling inspired to be dedicated to creating my own worlds and also to reading more graphic novels. It was also fab to read about characters who were completely in love with a fiction in the way that I can be, it makes you feel passionate for your own hobbies and interests.


When Dimple Met Rishi

I always feel inspired when I read a book centred around education, this one is set at a summer school focusing around technology. The main story is about romance and an arranged marriage, but the underlying plot and the reason I’ve added this book into my list is the hard work that Dimple and others put into creating projects in this summer school. They’re all immensely clever and are clearly very inspired themselves, they remind me to enjoy learning, they have chosen to be where they are and it shows in their characters. They all want to be the best, sure it’s a little competitive, but it makes for a fun read and left me wanting to learn!

The Book Jumper

I can’t resist a book about books, this one is about a group of people who can jump into books, any book! The books they jumped into ranged in genre, but a lot were classics, now I haven’t read many classics myself, but this book inspired me to try and read around the genre I usually stick to. There are so many books out there, but as a known reader among friends and colleagues, people always expect me to have read certain works. This book made me actually want to read them, rather than feel like I had to.


 The Poppy War

Rin, the main character in this book, works incredibly hard to get into a very well esteemed school and then to stay at this school. She puts her head down, she works her arse off and she dedicates herself to her goal. If you need to cram for an exam or just need to focus your head, this book is fab for some inspiration, it left me wanting to go and write an essay or stay up late working on a new piece of research. Let’s forget the fact that neither of these things are things I would actually need to do, maybe I could channel the inspiration into my blog posts. (I don’t promote the way Rin makes herself work hard, I just mean that her achievements make me want to work harder)


Cath writes fan fiction, she attends university, she is trying to make friends. She is the person we all were at some point, or still are, and she is a huge inspiration for making it through the tough times that do inevitably come. Her dedication to her writing and her followers had me feeling very inspired to do the same. She had a passion (much like Eliza) and that passion shines through her character and into the reader. Generally this book made me want to be back at uni, but it also left me feeling inspired to make more of my own content.


What books have you found have left you feeling inspired to achieve something or discover a new interest?

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  • Reply Marylou 29/09/2018 at 7:31 pm

    Every time I re-read Fangirl I’m always ready to pick up my laptop and start typing words. It’s my go-to book whenever I feel uninspired when it comes to writing my own books!!! Great choice!!!

    • Reply BooksNest 30/09/2018 at 2:19 pm

      Yes!! It’s such a good one for writers I think, definitely one to inspire ideas!

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