Buying all the books at YALC


For anyone reading this and wondering what YALC is, it stands for Young Adult Literature Convention. Essentially it’s a congregation of book lovers, books and authors. This year was my second in attendance and it was by far my best. Last year I was still finding my footing and establishing myself within the bookish world, this year however I was really able to get involved and plan out my three days.

Each day was fantastic at YALC this year, I can safely say that I did everything I wanted to do. I picked up the two arcs I was desperate for and I met everyone I wanted to meet. I spent the weekend with some lovely new friends who made the whole event feel all the more fun. I came away with a round number fo 20 books, all of which I choose because I really wanted to read them, as opposed to just seeing cheap books last year and buying them all. Here’s my awkwardly toppling stack of books that I acquired, I’ve been most excited to read The Poppy War (hidden behind the candles), which I have now started and can confirm is rather fantastic.

ARC wise I picked up The Light Between Worlds, The Witch of Willow Hall, Damsel and Emily Eternal. I’m excited to read them all, but especially The Witch of Willow Hall, a book I queued for for quite a while, but it was a first come first served queue with only 15 copies. I didn’t managed to get a copy by just a few people ahead of me, but a random act of kindness made my day, a mother and daughter both received a copy and saw my disappointment at not getting one, so they gave me one of theirs. How nice is that! So I’m super excited to read that one, it was on my list to pick up.

There were some really fab stalls this year, my favourite by far was the Harper stall, they had some fab books at some brilliant prices. I certainly used their 2 hardbacks for £12 deal and snagged The Poppy War and Witchsign, both look brilliant and I’m psyched I got them at such low prices. I thought the Hodderscape stall was also brilliant, they had a Muse of Nightmares arc contest to take an image for Bookstagram with the books they provided. That was a really fun way to get involved in trying to win a book.

At the end of the day at YALC on the Sunday you see a lot of the books going down in price, so I managed to pick up a few last minute deals, two books for £5, one book for £3, it was pleasing to my bookworm heart. I loved Bookish Burns’ candle reductions on Sunday, I may have left with a few lovely smelling items… my favourite smells are the patchouli, cinamonon and jasmine type of scents.

If you were at YALC, what was your favourite part? What new books did you come home with?

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