744 Hours of July


July has been one hell of a month, I turned 23, I went to London a few times, went to Oxford, visited a giant trampoline park, joined the National Trust and I met Aidan Turner. There’s just a teeny amount to wrap up on I think it’s fair to say… I’ve had a fab one, honestly I have!

Book wise I only finished one this month, I’ve been in a reading slump, but I think YALC (Young Adult Literature Convention) has now sorted me out. That one book was:

The Book of Secrets, Tom Harper // 4 STAR

I really enjoyed this book, titles a Da Vinci Code style read. It was fun and exciting and gave me chills as I was reading it, the makings of a great book right? I’ve since ordered a few other works from Tom Harper, a new author to me, but one I’d love to explore more.

In the way of films I finished a total of 5, which is pretty good for me! They were:

Oceans 8 // 4 STAR
The Death of Stalin // 3 STAR
Cloud Atlas // 4 STAR
Arrival // 3 STAR
Silence // 2 STAR

My favourite on this list would either have to be Oceans 8, which I saw at the cinema with my mum at the start of the week. or Cloud Atlas which was a mind bendingly good film that I think I’m probably going to need to watch a few more times before I can truly process what happened.

Silence was by far my least favourite, a film about Christians in Japan at a time where Christianity was not accepted in this country, it’s full of blood and boredom to be honest. went on for an hour and a half longer than it should have and was nearly three hours long.

So what did I actually do this month? I think the highlight for me had to be going to YALC, which you’ll see a full blog post on soon. It was the best experience, I met so many lovely people and I picked up some fab books. I feel cured of my reading slump and I can’t wait to go back again next year.

Meeting Aidan Turner on the Comic Con floor was another amazing highlight! It was a complete blur and I am desperately trying to cling onto it in my head. We went out every evening we were there, it felt a little like being back at uni again which was exciting.

I went to London for my boyfriend’s birthday too, we visited Flip Out, an indoor trampoline centre with foam pits to dive into, obstacle courses, lots of trampolines. We had a fab time, but also released we probably need to get into shape a little bit. For my birthday we went to Oxford to visit a Tolkien exhibition, again a fab experience.

July has been a really fantastic month, I think I’m about ready to crash now and have a break, but I have loved it. 5 STARS to July!

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