May Fictional Wrap Up


I consumed way more stories than just those that I read this month, so why discount those? This may or may not be the start of monthly wrap ups for me including all stories, we don’t discriminate between media here! Now excuse me whilst I search back through the month of May in brain as I write this blog post totally unprepared.

Let’s go with the books first, of which loyal Goodreads tells me I have finished five. Those five being:

• Love & War, Melissa de la Cruz // 2 STAR
• A Court of Frost and Starlight, Sarah J Maas  // 3 STAR
• Geekerella, Ashely Poston  // 5 STAR
• To Kill a Kingdom, Alexandra Christo // 3 STAR
• The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams // 3 STAR

I can probably credit my unusually busy reading month to my week away at the end of May.  The first three books I have written reviews for, but the last two have got the better of me at the moment. Out of these three I would say my favourite had to be Geekerella, it was a really fun book and tapped into my nerdy side, which isn’t really a side as much is my whole being. Not to dwell on negatives, but Love & War was my least favourite by far, I expected such good things from it, but it was just disappointing and dull.

May also saw my second viewing of Infinity War which was just… I mean it was a brilliant mix of all the characters I love, aka those from Thor and Guardians and I just thought it was brilliant. It was exciting, funny, emotional, it was very well done! // 5 STAR

In the way of films I also watched:

• Now You See Me // 4 STAR
• Now You See Me 2 // 4 STAR
• The Intern // 4 STAR

A good month for watching excellent scoring films! I hadn’t seen Now You See Me for a while so I thought I’d give it a rewatch before I went onto the second one and it was so good. They both have serious Oceans vibes with their fast paced action, the clever way they work the dramatic scenes and the quick witted humour.

For TV Shows it’s only been a couple but they’ve been some good ones:

• Vikings // 4 STAR
• Crazy Ex Girlfriend // 5 STAR

Both of these shows are amazing, Vikings I have been watching for a while every so often. I binged through the first two series, but now I’ve slowed it down a little. Crazy Ex Girlfriend though, what an unexpected love! My boyfriend and I watch it as often as we can and despite it being a musical, I think it’s fab. The songs are clever, catchy and funny and it all flows so well, it’s easy watching, but damn it’s still emotional.

There we go, my multimedia wrap up for May! What did you read, watch, listen to?


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