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I’m heading to Kefalonia on Saturday at 6am and boy am I excited, a week of relaxing, sun bathing, exploring and READING! I’ve got a lot of books on my TBR so I thought this would be a good way to enjoy some of the long standing contributions, or just ones that I know I may take a while to get to. I may be being ambitious with this list as I will also have my kindle library at my fingertips, but hey ho. First though, here’s a little bit of info about Kefalonia, so you can see the kind of holiday I will be taking these books on. 


Kefalonia is one of the Greek Islands and is known for it’s turtles, around the early summer time you can see the turtles laying their eggs, which is a bucket list thing for me! The Island isn’t huge, but it’ll still take us about two hours to get from the airport to our hotel, more reading time for me. We’re staying at a lovely all inclusive hotel, alcohol, ice cream, food, all included! There’s several different pools and we have a balcony too, so there’s lots of spots for reading.

So down to the books:

I couldn’t not bring Mythos with me, the Stephen King Greek Mythology retellings. It looks amazing and given that I’m going to a Greek Island, this is the perfect opportunity to read it. Stephen King is the voice of my Harry Potter audiobooks, that’s how I associate him with literature, so I welcome his writing into my holiday TBR. Plus my boyfriend is a history nut, so I can see him potentially borrowing this book off of me to read too.

I was contemplating between bringing the final two books in either the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series or the Rebel of the Sands series, both I have read the first book in, but have yet to complete the rest. I’ve just started Days of Blood and Starlight, so perhaps this will be the series I complete on holiday. They’re both fun fantasy books that I think would be perfect for getting lost in at the poolside.

For me, Summer is a time for contemporary reads, so I’m going to give From Twinkle with Love a go, which is ready for me to read on my kindle kindly sent from Net Gallery. I read When Dimple Met Rishi on my holiday last year and it certainly fit the holiday mood, so maybe this will be another one I can whizz through.

I’m getting a bit carried away here, but I think this holiday is a good opportunity to read some books I wouldn’t usually pick up, so I may also bring Lyrebird by Cecelia Ahern, a book that has been on my TBR for AGESSSS! Cecelia Ahern is an autobuy author for me, sometimes her books have magical realism, which I love, but this one looks like a normal chick-lit type of book. For that reason I’m not super excited about it, but I do like her writing style. My mum recently bought me a book called Sophia which is about a princess, suffragette and revolutionary and is a true story. And then there’s also Life After Life, a Kate Atkinson book about the different realities we could have lived.

These are my back up books to choose from I think, but I’m sure in the week until I leave I will change my mind a fair few times. We have a 20KG baggage limit, which I’m sure shall mostly be taken up by books from me, who needs clothes if you have pages… right? Perhaps that will be the next Lady Gaga dress we’ll see, a dress made from just book pages?

Let me know down below what type of books you like to take on holiday with you!


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