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Last year I managed to pull my Twitter up from around 600 followers to 2,000, to me this was a big achievement. I work in social media, so this acts as my portfolio, as well as a marketing tool for my blog, so it’s important to me to have a good following.

If you’d like to check out my Twitter, you can find me here at @booksnest


Post relevant, relatable and strong content and you will see an increase in engagement and followers. Posting photos with your content is usually a good way to encourage more interaction, as well as GIFs or video content. Tweeting about current topics, be it something in the news, a new book release, a public holiday, will guarantee your posts get seen by more people.


Respond to replies to your tweets, follow accounts similar to yours, reply to tweets you like with a genuine comment. Show your followers that you really are interested in them and they will do the same back. It’s also fab to make some Twitter friends, it’s a whole online community waiting for you to fall into it!


Always use your analytics to look at which tweets performed well and which didn’t, from this you can adapt previous tweets that got a higher engagement rate and post them out again, but a little different. This will also help you see the kind of content your audience doesn’t like, or perhaps the times they are online the most. Generally, the analytics tool is free and easy to use to gain an insight into your followers.


These are such a good way of gaining followers, but you run the risk of them not being genuine users. Giveaway accounts will latch onto your competitions and give you some fake followers, but other than that, you do find you reach out to people that genuinely show an interest in what you’re offering. Usually your giveaway post will respond so well that you will see an increase in engagement on your other posts too. I mean who doesn’t love the offer of a free item, just make sure you’ve clearly outlined the rules in your post.


Post regularly, daily if you can, this will keep your followers engaged and show your account is active. If you’re struggling to find time in the day to post, you can schedule for free on Hootsuit, a quick and easy scheduling platform. Posting daily will boost engagement, encourage new followers regularly and get you in the habit of creating content. Perhaps use a daily prompt or challenge if you need help with any ideas?

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