A Court of Frost and Starlight, Sarah J Maas


A Court of Frost and Starlight, Sarah J Maas (2018)

Themes: Fantasy, Young Adult, Romance, New Adult, Young Adult

Format: Hardback/Audiobook

Pages: 272


Spoiler Free

This book has been a heavily anticipated one for me, and a lot of others! I had a beautiful, hot weekend to finish it on and I really enjoyed revisiting the characters from the first three books. The reason for my three star rating does not mean I didn’t enjoy this book at all, but just that compared to the action in the other books, as a novella, this book featured less drama and anticipation.

This book was really just a way to revisit the characters we have grown to love and miss, it was great to see where everyone was and what they were doing after the end of A Court of Wings and Ruin. That book was so dramatic, it felt like there was no time for a moment of true calm at the end. But that is what A Court of Frost and Starlight does, it lets you see how the characters are dealing with what happened to them and the path they are now on.

This is all revolving around a countdown to Winter Solstice, which you can imagine is a big celebration in the Night Court, being the shortest day of the year. That is pretty much all this novella is about, the preparation for this day, the gifts that the characters must share with each other. Undoubtedly this is a filler novella and not a lot happens, but it certainly gives an insight into these characters and their every day lives now.

Of course we were allowed a few spicy moments between Rhysand and Feyre, but really I wanted to know who ended up with who. We leave the last book in a tangle of who is mates with who, who loves who, who is repulsed by who. It’s very unclear and it certainly doesn’t get any clearer, but I think that’s for the next book in the series to clear up.

This book whizzed past and now I’ve finished it I couldn’t pull out any wild, dramatic moments, but it was cosy. Don’t expect great things from this novella, just expect comfort and something to tide you over until the next book in this exciting series.

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