5 Overly Hyped Books that weren’t Worth the Hype


We all have that book on our shelf because we’ve seen it in every corner of the internet, but does that always mean it’s a book we will enjoy? I have read plenty of hyped books (or tried to) that just haven’t lived up to my expectations, which is always a shame because I’d love to get involved in the excitement! This blog post is not me hating on these books at all, I can recognise they are good stories and that a lot of people enjoy them, but for me, they weren’t what I was after.

Here’s my list of books that haven’t quite lived up to the hype for me:

The Cruel Prince

I recently added this book to my DNF list, which isn’t something I do lightly and I’m still not sure about my choice. I read over 100 pages of this book, but it took me over two weeks and I didn’t feel any interest to pick it up and keep reading. To be perfectly honest, there’s no huge reason this book didn’t grab me, I can’t pick out any defining flaws, but it wasn’t working for me. The world was definitely interesting and rich and had characters I was intrigued to find out more about, but the main narrative just didn’t grab me. My mum always says life is too short to read books you’re not enjoying, so I hung up my reading glasses for The Cruel Prince.


Stalking Jack the Ripper

Here’s a book I did finish, and did enjoy at the start, but I thought the plot was so obvious that I couldn’t properly loose myself in it. I bought this book because I saw various positive reviews, I thought it would be an interesting mystery about a period of English history that I didn’t know too much about, a story that would challenge me. But actually I felt the mystery was very obvious and left little for me to figure out, despite some strong characters (especially our female lead) and a well created setting, this one just didn’t entertain me in the way I expected it to.


  Turtles All The Way Down

I feel like people either love or hate John Green, his books are very specific in the narrative style and the issues they deal with. This was the first of his books published for a few years so of course everyone was very excited about it, myself included. This featured a main character with OCD (if you didn’t know, I have OCD and wrote a blog post about it recently, which you can read here – shameless self promo!), so I thought it would be an intriguing read with a relatable character. The OCD was certainly interesting to read about and I praise this book for featuring this mental illness, as not many do. However I found the reading experience very ordinary, I never felt hooked into the story, which I really wanted to achieve!



This book may perhaps be my biggest disappointment in terms of living up to the hype. I thought this book would have Ready Player One vibes (one of my favourite reads), but instead it followed a very obvious narrative path. The world was really cool and I would certainly like to be a character in this book, but I felt the plot was following most YA tropes. It certainly reflected other dystopian reads, whereas I thought it could have broken the mould a bit and offered some more originality.


The Mortal Instruments series

I have one word to explain my dislike of this series. Jace. I managed to make it two books into this series before I couldn’t bare to read any more about him. His arrogance steams through the pages at me, he is such a dislikable character for me. Whether or not this is deliberate, it really hinders my reading experience. I loved Lady Midnight, the first Cassandra Claire book I read, so I want to like this series too, but man I just can’t get past that blonde headed bubble of annoyance.


Let me know the overly hyped books you haven’t been a fan of down below!

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  • Reply Sabrina 08/10/2018 at 4:33 pm

    I haven’t read any of these. I’m more prone to avoiding books that have too much hype, but I sometimes to tend to fall into traps like ACOTAR! :p The Cruel Prince is on my TBR so I’m hoping I enjoy it more than you did!

    • Reply BooksNest 09/10/2018 at 9:56 am

      Yeah I know what you mean, too hyped and you expect far too much! I hope you enjoy The Cruel Prince more!

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