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A year and a half ago I booked tickets to see Hamilton in the West End, this weekend it was finally time to see the show and I was blown away. I tried to write this blog post on the coach back home, but my emotions were far too high to process my actual thoughts. So here’s take two.

I felt like I had waited forever for this moment, to be in my seat and waiting to hear the first line of the show I know all of the words to. Once I was in my seat the day whizzed by and it now seems like a blur, but at the time I had a non-stop smile spread across my face. The musical genius that is the Hamilton soundtrack has been one that I have been obsessed with and loved since I very first heard it nearly two years ago. But to see it live was altogether something different, I don’t quite know how I can go back to listening to the soundtrack in the same way now.

I thought the casting was excellent for each role, a particular favourite of mine being Cleve September who played John Laurens and Philip, I couldn’t stop watching him when he was on stage. The voices all matched really well to what I expected to be hearing, which I liked. I was worried that the actor’s singing wouldn’t be at all similar to the original recording and it would be like listening to strange cover adaptations. Whilst of course they put their own spin on it, I thought their voices were chosen very well.

My favourite song/performance had to be Yorktown, which was already on my list of top songs from the soundtrack. The atmosphere for this song in the audience and on stage was immense, they had everyone hooked and it really got people cheering. It’s not a feeling I can explain, it’s one you have to experience, but it certainly gave me goosebumps and I felt like I was really part of the show.

The choreography was perfect, there was so much to watch and take in, it worked so well together. It definitely warrants a second watching to pick out the things I missed this time round, it was so well thought out that I want to appreciate every detail. The audience’s reactions to certain moments in the show were brilliant to be a part of, the cheers certain characters received and the laughs!

I found this show such an emotional experience, partly because of how well it was done, but also because of what it meant to me. I discovered Hamilton nearly two years ago when I was in a job I hated and I was in the process of moving from my hometown to somewhere new where I would know no-one. This soundtrack became my rock and escape, it was long enough that I could fall into it for a couple of hours and I came to use it as something to concentrate my mind on. My constant listening is how I manage to get down pretty much all of the song lyrics. So to see Hamilton live was really something amazing for me, it represented something that got me through a lot of bad times. I certainly welled up at the standing ovation, and I can say that I have never thought a show more deserving of one.

Hamilton obviously gets a 5 STAR review from me, if you’re able to, I urge you to book tickets to see it!

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