Magnus Chase and the Ship of the Dead, Rick Riordan


Magnus Chase and the Ship of the Dead, Rick Riordan (2017)

Themes: Fantasy, Young Adult, Adventure, LGBT

Format: Hardback

Pages: 423


Spoiler Free

I may have actually forgotten how to write reviews now because of how long this book took me to read. I’ve decide there are books that you can pick up and jump into at anytime and then books that you need to dedicate days to and have hours at a time to read. The Magnus Chase series is the later for me, I love it once I’m into it, but I really have to sit there for a while to get into it.

I always have a lot of love for the characters in this book, there is such a rich variety of choice and of diversity in this series when it comes to the characters. I love every one of the main team, they are so positive and inspiring, they make the book a real heroic piece of writing, which is something I love about it! We see different races, religions, genders, sexualities, all sorts! Rick Riordan is one of the first and only authors I have read to include such a wide spectrum of diversity.

This is the final book in this series, which meant that I delayed reading it until I was ready to say goodbye to this story. I’m having a bit of a Norse fix as of late, this series has been helping me to handle it, but now it’s over, I’m just going to have to watch Thor Ragnarok on repeat when it comes out on DVD next week. This whole series is a fab way to educate people about Norse Mythology and the stories that are built into it, I entered into it not knowing much, most of my knowledge coming from Marvel films, but now I’ve got a few legends under my belt and some handy God/Goddess names should I ever be asked them in a pub quiz.

It was cool that this book had little features from the Percy Jackson series in it too, of which I’m sure would have made more sense to me had I actually finished that series! But I like what Rick Riordan has done here, he’s created a little mythology community inside and outside his books. These books are easy reading, they’re very fast paced and funny. I don’t think it’s too often that I find a book that really makes me laugh out loud, but this series does.

What’s your favourite Rick Riordan series, I don’t think mine is hard to guess…?

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