Tips to Smile More


Who doesn’t love the feeling of a grin spreading across their face? For the past week I’ve had one stuck there, I feel like the more often you smile, the more likely you are to keep smiling.

– Surround yourself with happy and positive people

– Take pleasure in the little moments

– Create a list of three good things each day, maybe you could share them on Twitter

– Read books that make you feel good

– Take time for yourself, have a bath, take a walk, etc

– Appreciate the world you live in and enjoy spending time in it

– Discover/embrace your hobbies

– Watch a film/TV show that you really love

– Be independant and enjoy doing things for yourself

– Tell the people you love that you love them

– Take nothing for granted, appreciate every second

– Wear an outfit that you feel happy in

– Travel, see new things

– Spend time with friends and enjoy other people’s company

– Be kind to others

It’s hard to remember to do the things that make us smile all the time, sometimes we just feel sad, but it’s important to remember that the sad days will pass. You will always feel better, be it in a few hours, days, weeks, whatever time frame works for you, but you must remember to keep smiling.

I have been made to feel very special this week and that is why I haven’t stopped smiling, I’ve spent time doing things I love, spending time with someone I love to spend time with, and I’ve appreciated every second of it. I’m used to having moments like this become only moments, so I know now to make the most out of every smile.

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