Wiltshire Wanders: Old Wardour Castle


This may be the first and only post of this blog series, or it may be the first of many. I moved to Wiltshire one year ago and all I have done is moaned about it, so now I’m going to stop moaning and I’m going to explore the sites. Take this as my way of travel blogging maybe?

If you don’t know where Wiltshire is, here is a map, it’s in the South West of the UK. I’m in the red squiggle, quite a big county really!

First up on my Wiltshire travels was the very beautiful Old Wardour Castle, and English Heritage site from the 14th Century. I have to say, this is the best castle ruin access wise, I have ever been to. It was

completely open (where safe) for you to walk around and go into all of the rooms. As a reader, I have an active imagination, so it wasn’t hard for me to think of myself in the halls of this castle, walking through the people who used to live/work in it. It’s quite amazing that something like this has managed to survive for so long and still be ready for visitors. Combined with a surrounding of trees and grass, this castle certainly makes you feel very isolated and cut off from the world for the time you’re visiting, which was perfect for me!

On approach, this whole area was very Lord of the Rings-esk to me, I wanted to jump in the leaves, run up the hills and hide behind the trees with a bow and arrow. The gift shop in fact did sell wooden weapons, but I’m told that could be considered a waste of money… a stick is just as good though! For both adults and children, this is a great place to just run about and pretend to be part of some epic battle scene,because who doesn’t want to be tapping into their inner warrior when visiting a castle? Whether you’re a maiden at the top of the tower, a knight at the front gate, or a spy lurking in the trees, there is a lot for your imagination to explore here.

My boyfriend and I found ourselves lost in the castle’s many rooms, each one leading to another and then up to the next floor. It’s hard to get your bearings when you’re walking around a ruin with similar looking stone rooms. Going in January meant that there were few other visitors, so we more of less had each section of the castle to ourselves. Queue me taking a bunch of photos in this amazing building, the perfect place to try out portrait mode on the iPhone 8 Plus. In the summer you can see where the light would shine through the open windows and illuminate the ruins, I will definitely be going back in the warmer season!

It cost us £5 to get into this English Heritage venue, for that price we had access to the grounds, the castle, the stone grotto and anywhere else on the premises. You can find out more here, if you were wanting to plan a trip. We were there for around an hour, this is a small place to visit, but you won’t feel bored or like you wasted your money.

Old Wardour Castle gets 5/5 boot prints from me, for an enjoyable visit, not too long, not too short, with plenty to explore!




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