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Amazon, Waterstones, Book Depository, all of these websites become my best friends at the start of the year as I delve into my sea of preorders. I only preorder a book if I am truly ecstatically, excited for it’s release, so here’s the books that have made that cut for me!

The Forgotten Book, Mechthild Glaser 1st February 

This book has a scary coincidence of a release date, I just read The Book Jumper last week, I finished it and went to look for more by the author. Queue me finding this book to be released exactly one week after my finishing of The Book Jumper. This book won’t be a sequel, but it is still featuring my favourite theme, book lovers as book characters!

I can’t wait to read more by this author, the writing is so magical and just paints a world that I want to be part of. If you haven’t read The Book Jumper yet, please do, and then we can talk about the amazing world this author creates! (As I was writing this, this just got dispatched, squeal!)




Hamilton and Peggy!: A Revolutionary Friendship, L. M. Elliot 22nd March

Hamilton. Do I need to say much more? I’m so excited for another fictionalised version of Alexander Hamilton’s story and this time featuring Peggy, the lesser known to me of the Schuyler sisters. I loved Alex and Eliza, which was a romantic and fictionalised retelling of Alex and Eliza’s love story, so I can’t wait for more of this sort of writing.

I am seeing Hamilton in March, ahhhh, so this is perfect timing of a release date, I’ll definitely be in the mood for more of Alexander and Peggy I’m sure! Side note about how excited I am to see the show and how long is feels like I’ve waited for my tickets to come around.




Love and War: And Alex and Eliza Story, Melissa de la Cruz 17th April

Oh my god, so as I was finding the cover art for Hamilton and Peggy, this came up! How did I not know about this! I think I need to employ someone to tell me when sequels to books I loved are coming out. I literally just typed about really enjoying the first book in this series, so I’m wayyyy excited for a second book, bring it on! And look at that cover, I’m not happy there’s a broken heart there, but having listened to the music, I’m also not surprised! Can’t wait to delve into this!

If you didn’t know, the first book in this series is about Alexander Hamilton falling in love with Elizabeth Schuyler and it’s amazing and brilliant and just good fun for anyone that loves Hamilton.




A Court of Frost and Starlight, Sarah J Maas 1st May

I love this series, the writing may not be 100% the best thing ever, but the story is so good. The characters and the kind of heroes that I need around me in the book world 24/7. A Court of Wings and Ruin was so amazing, the end was so epic and I just need more from this world.

Personally I’m a much bigger fan of this series than I am Throne of Glass, something to do with my complete and utter love for Rhysand I suppose…! I just find this series has a lot more I can get on board with and enjoy reading about, there is more development and I love everyone in it… well nearly everyone.



Legendary, Stephanie Garber
29th May

I fell in love heavy and hard with Caraval, it really was a book that I could loose myself in and that was something I would gladly do when I read it. I needed to escape reality for a while and Caraval brought me into a whole new one. This sequel is set to be totally amazing and I can’t wait to read it, can it be May 29th already?

I believe there’s going to be a pretty design under the dust jacket again so I haven’t as of yet actually preordered this one, because I kind of want to pick my design. Last year I received my book in a FairyLoot subscription, having already read the proof, but I happened to receive one of the two covers I really loved (the clock).

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