Christmas Morning


It is Christmas morning, you have woken up feeling a flurry of excitement for a day that only comes once a year. You wonder what presents shall be waiting for you under the tree and how your loved ones will react to their gifts. You await the cosy sense of familiarity that this day brings, the guarantee of a full stomach, the glittering of tree lights, the rumble of your families voices. It is Christmas morning and you have woken up.

Not everyone enjoys Christmas, but for me, it is the morning, that I most await. It is the waking up in my Christmas pyjamas, heading downstairs and putting my presents under the tree. I love buying gifts for people, I think I’m good at it and seeing the smile on my families face is worth it.

As a child it seemed an impossible place to reach, the morning of the day you’ve been waiting for for months. The older I became, the less of a wait it was and less excitement surrounded it. Those younger days though, where I would be a butterfly of energy waiting for my presents and ripping open the wrapping, were probably the best, you can’t beat a child’s excitement for Christmas. Now, it is more about making other people happy and enjoy my own happiness as a subsequent part of that.

We all have different things we look forward to and are thankful for on Christmas morning. We all try to be humble and say we don’t need any of it, but for me it’s the cosy feel that this day brings. It’s the one day of the year you can guarantee will go in a certain direction. I will look forward to that feel, if not also to the Doctor Who Christmas special on that evening, after all, it’s not solely about talking with family 😉

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