A Christmas Short Story


Every toy starts it’s journey on an elf’s work bench, it’s filled with everything a toy needs to make it’s child happy and then it is sent into the world. Some toys are carried on the back of Santa’s sleigh to be opened on Christmas morning, or to poke their head from a stocking at the end of a bed. Some toys are sent all over the world to sit in shop windows and wait to be bought. And some toys have just always been there, the most loved of all, we never know which one our favourite will be, but once we choose them, we never let go.

Button had been sat on Amelia’s bed since before either of them could remember, they had been friends forever. Button was very well loved, his brown fur stained from various outings, now a tangle of warmth around him. His black eyes never lost their sparkle though, they always shone through no matter how many times he had been dropped, cuddled or washed. Button loved Amelia and Amelia loved button, but Button didn’t often get to meet any other toys as time went by.

As Amelia grew older and her red hair fell out of it’s bunches, she started to say goodbye to her childhood toys. The years came and went, but Button never left her side, his eyes always smiling at her. He still went to new places with Amelia, for some time they moved away from the bedroom he knew so well and into a new home. They stayed here together for a few years, he saw Amelia meet new friends and do a lot to typing on her computer, but every night she would return to him and hold him until she fell asleep.

They moved back home for a few more years before it seemed Amelia bought a house of her own. The room that she had gown up in was never seen by Button again, the toys he had once been friends with never came out of their boxes and Button wondered if he would ever really have a friend again that wasn’t Amelia.

The house turned colder and the nights grew darker, which Button knew meant it was coming close to his favourite time of year, Christmas. Soon the tree would go up, Button remembered Amelia’s childhood and how he would join her in opening her presents. Sometimes he would sit in the pile of wrapping paper and pretend he was in a jungle, lost within the trees. Now Amelia had her own house, she would bring Button down to the living room with her, they would sit on the sofa together and watch films until she fell asleep under the blanket.The twinkle of the tree lights and the flicker of the fire, made Button feel happy and warm, but something was missing.

One morning, Button awoke to see boxes around Amelia’s bed and he could hear voices. Amelia was laughing and so was the person she was speaking to, a man’s voice. The conversation grew louder as the pair entered Amelia’s bedroom. Button lay perfectly still on her bed, waiting to see this new arrival. A man came in holding Amelia’s hand and together they started unpacking the boxes. Clothes, shoes, bottles, books, all of these things were being spilled onto the floor as Button watched on. Suddenly something soft and white landed next to Button, he dared turn his head.

Next to Button sat the most beautiful bear he had ever seen, her white fur was fluffy and delicate. She wore a blue bow around her neck and she had the same twinkle in her eye as Button.

That night Button shared the bed, not only with Amelia, but with the two new friends she had brought with her that day. He barely slept though, he couldn’t stop thinking about the bear who lay next to him, wrapped in the other visitor’s arms.

The next morning Button awoke, having fallen asleep at some point in the night. But Amelia and the man were gone, he was alone next to the bear. The two of them introduced themselves and he learnt that her name was Lucy and that she had been with her friend Will since before she could remember. Lucy had never known any other friends, she had just had Will for her whole life. Button could hardly believe it, but she said she didn’t mind, she had Button now.

Footsteps came up the stairs and Amelia and Will swept into the bedroom and scooped up Button and Lucy. They carried the bears downstairs where they sat tangled in wrapping paper together as their friends opened their presents on Christmas morning. Button showed Lucy how he pretended he was in a great forest and together they explored this imaginary world. The day passed quickly, but they stayed at each other’s side the whole time, their fur touching as Amelia and Will fell asleep in front of a film about a young bear with a red hat.

Button and Lucy were not to part from that point on, they watched Amelia and Will grow older, but they never lost that sparkly in their eyes. Suddenly it didn’t seem so lonely to be a bear.

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