2018 Goals


We’re only a few days away from January 1st, 2018! I’m going to skip the whole, oh my god how did we get here so fast, I’ll see you next year, going to miss 2017 etc. Because for me, this was a really up and down year. In one of my earlier Blogmas posts, I wrote a look back on 2017, in which I attempted to summarise the rollercoaster of a year I had. I quite literally entered the year having a panic attack (in the middle of a nightclub that I didn’t want to be in, I’d literally just experience a huge, heart wrenching break up), so it wasn’t a great start for me. But I shall exit it on much better terms I hope!

I’m going to list of a five goals I have for the new year, ones that I actually think are achievable:

1) Move out – I’ve been wanting to move out ever since I left uni in 2016, but I think it’s reached the point where I really need to, for the sake of everyone in my household’s sanity.

2) Travel to another country – Easy peasy right? I have loose plans to go to Jerusalem next year, but we’re waiting to asses whether or not it will be safe to do so.

3) Stop feeling pressured to read – Being part of the YA book community does have some unspoken pressures to read books I’m actually not that bothered about. So in 2018, I’m lowering my goodreads goal and only reading what I really fancy.

4) Learn more – I know we’re always learning, but recently I’ve had a real thirst for knowledge that I would like to grow.

5) Continue to be calm – I have a tendency to become stressed in certain situations, but at the moment I am practicing being more relaxed and chilled and it’s working really well. It means I care a lot less about silly little things.

It’s a simple list of goals I know, but I don’t like to set myself some obscene amount that I’m writing just to fill a space. These are five things I would really like to achieve, and I think I will in the new year. I’d love to know some fo your resolutions, let me know in the comments!

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