Things they Don’t Tell You About Growing Up


I’m 22 now, I’ve managed to make it this far without monumentally cocking up my existence or anyone else’s, so I count that as a win. Here’s a few things that no one tells you about being an adult…

– You have to start paying for everythiiiinnnng. Remember those days when your mum would meet you in town for lunch and it’d be assumed she’d pay because you’re her child? Yeah, that doesn’t happen anymore. If there’s money involved, you best assume you’re contributing at least a 50% cut.

– Moving out costs wayyyyy more than you think it will. I’m trying to do this at the moment and I’m split between renting somewhere for so much money, or getting a mortgage for less money but being tied into it for a while. It’s scary stuff guys, and something that no one ever really tells you about.

– When you return home after uni, or even if you’ve stayed at home until your 20’s, you start to drive your family mad. I am now at the point of having to watch everything I say, should I bring on a snap from someone I live with, it’s a tense place to come home to.

– Sometimes you don’t enjoy your job because of what you do, but because of the amazing people you do it with! I get up and go into work everyday because of the environment I work in and how lovely everyone is (okay yes I feel passionate about what I do too).

– The time you used to spend doing nothing, deciding between Netflix or Xbox, reduces dramatically. Your evenings suddenly become a precious commodity and you have to work out what is really important to you to do in your spare time.

– Suddenly there’s a lot more friends to choose from, there’s so many people around that you can choose from to be friends with, that you don’t have to keep talking to that person that keeps annoying you, but you still meet up with anyway.

– You realise that being yourself and speaking your mind, isn’t such a big deal and isn’t super scary. If someone is rude to you, it is okay to tell them and teach them something about how they should be acting! Also if you like something a bit different and out there, then go for it and love it!

Okay is that enough?

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