Deck The Halls!


One of my favourite things about Christmas is decorating the house and bringing in the festive cheer and this year we are having double the festivities because we are in our new house, so we’ve decided to redo our decorations!

We went to this amazing garden centre near us on Friday night that we had heard lots about and WOW, they’re Christmas section was amazing! It was like stepping into Winter Wonderland, where we could have got lost for hours. They had decorations of every colour and shape, we had a great time looking around and ended up with quite a collection to bring home, including some lights for outside too!

I’ve always liked a varied tree with interesting decorations picked up over the years. We have a tradition to pick one decoration each for the tree every year, so it gets quite obscure. This year we have two trees because we are lucky enough to have the space, so all of the more eccentric decorations go on the one that isn’t in the main room and all beautiful new decorations are on the tree in our lounge. By eccentric by the way, I mean a felt whale, a snowman with one eye and a snowball with a hat and gloves.

I would live my life immersed in Christmas decorations if I could, they are so beautiful and cosy and bring a smile to my face! Alas though, it’s only a couple of weeks that we get to spread the festive cheer for, perhaps when I have my own house it’ll be for longer!

We got a puppy this year and we were quite worried about how he would act with our tree, but actually he’s not been too bad! There’s been a bit of burrowing behind it and tapping of decorations, but really I think he’s doing okay. Here he is looking rather pleased with himself in front of our main tree in our lounge.

I’d love to know about your decorated houses, so let me know in the comments below!

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