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Today’s post features my top five book blogs to follow; these are writers that I want to share with you for inspiration, reading material and motivation to write yourselves!

1) Tackfiction

Cat is a brilliant writer who is always keeping her blog up to date with fantastic posts. I lived with Cat at uni and she was always a creative soul who has found a fantastic outlet in her blog. The design is new and I love it, she inspired me to get started with customising my blog a bit more in fact!



2) TheLittleBookOwl

Pippa is a hardcore reader, her posts will always tell you about a new and interesting book that you may not have heard of. She’s a lovely person who I also lived with at uni (although at a different time to Cat), yes I do managed to find the readers and writers! Her posts are great for discovering new worlds and knowing what’s out there other than YA.



3) FictionTea

Lauren is such an interesting blogger and she provides me with a lot of inspiration and motivation to write. Her blog has a new make over and I’m kinda obsessed with her aesthetics and style. When I read her writing it feels like I’m reading a letter from a friend, it’s relaxed and calm and a pleasure to dive into.



4) Paper Fury

I’m sure a few of you will know Cait’s blog, or at least her twitter. Her mind is an ocean of amazing ideas, it’s like she never stops creating and inspiring! Her blog is a colourful, well put together place to read some amazing posts, if you feel a writing slump coming on, head over to her site and it will disappear!



5) nosaferplace

Zoe is a blogger who isn’t afraid to tackle the topics that some see as taboo in her writing. Her blog is brilliant to read, with loads of different posts to explore. She has just launched her own YA subscription box too if that you needed more reasons to know how awesome she is!



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