Here’s to the Christmas Workers!


Last year I was working in a bookshop, which meant we were in store on Christmas Eve, Boxing Day etc, which sucked! I hated having to spend so much time at work, when really I wanted to be having festive celebrations with my family. So this blog post is dedicated to the people who work over Christmas for us, not just the retail workers, but the people in the emergency services, carers, waitresses, soldiers, everyone who works over the busiest period of the year.

Retail was always fun over Christmas because the festive cheer had spread into everyone, but then so had the rush. Some days the clock would move very fast as we served customer after customer of Christmas shoppers, which was great, but some weren’t always polite. But generally I enjoyed retail during Christmas because I got to see people buying gifts for people they cared about.

I now work for an emergency service and whilst I am lucky enough to have the Christmas time off, my colleagues who are part of our crew will not be able to. They will still be doing the job they do everyday to help save lives, which I think is very admirable. It makes a difference to know we have people around us that will work around the clock to keep us safe and alive and it shouldn’t be forgotten that not everyone spends the holidays at home with their families.

When you’re eating your roast dinner, unwrapping your presents, enjoying your time off, spare a thought for the people that are having to halt their celebrations until they’re free from work. Thank you to everyone who gives up their time over Christmas, you’re not forgotten!

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