When to Start Celebrating Christmas


I LOVE Christmas, so I think celebrating it whenever you want is the best possible answer to this question. I don’t have the authority on this, but if I did I would say that you should start your festive celebrations as soon as you feel inspired to.

Christmas is such a jolly season, so why shouldn’t we maximise how long we celebrate it for. The scrooges among us will beg to differ I’m sure, but don’t let them spoil your fun. Sod the people that think they have a hold on your happiness and a right to decide when you can feel good, let yourself enjoy the festive season! On the final weekend of November I bought out my bedroom Christmas decorations because my mum and I visited a garden centre that had so many amazing festive decs that I had to buy some. Once I’d decorated by room I sat and wrote this blog post and watched The Muppets Christmas Carol, so it’s fair to say I started celebrating early. I’d also already started listening to my favourite Christmas playlist on Spotify, which always make me feel very happy!

On the 1st of December the official countdown to Christmas begins, so let’s throw this in as a date to start celebrating for those who need a firm timeline. Bring out the advent calendars, turn up the radio for festive tunes and start to countdown the days until Christmas day! Our Christmas tree will probably go up in the second weekend of the month, but if I lived away from home I’d have it up by now. Why halt the celebration of the happiest holiday??

Have I convinced you to start celebrating yet? I hope so! If you want more of a countdown then subscribe to my blog and check out the rest of my Blogmas posts!

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