How to Reach Your GoodReads Reading Challenge


So if you’re anything like me, you’ve been gradually upping your Goodreads reading challenge every year as you read faster and more often. No problem right? Wrong. Because that part time job you had at the start of the year is now a different full time job, and those weekends you spent alone are now spent driving about the South of England. So how do you still hit your reading goal and avoid ruining your perfect record?

1) Lets start simple, for December pick some very short books to read.

I’d say under 300 pages is the ideal length to pick up your pace. Personally I prefer books in a series at the moment, because I’m already into the story, so I don’t have to discover new characters etc.

2) Try a graphic novel!
Graphic novels are an easy way to up your books read in a very short amount of time. The average graphic novel will probably only take you a couple of hours to get through, so it’s easy to read a couple a day and then BAM, before you know it, you’ve read your books for your reading challenge.

3) Poetry works too!

Poetry books are not only a great way to break up your reading, but also a fab way of picking up the pace and reaching that reading challenge total. Be careful what type of poetry you choose though, some are a lot heavier to digest than others! I’d recommend Milk and Honey as well as The Princess Saves Herself In This One.

4) Read books you like the sound of. 

It sounds stupid, but sometimes we read books because they’re hyped and we don’t want to miss out, or because they’re by an author you love but you don’t like the sound of the plot. If you’re not really in the mood for the book you’re reading, then don’t read it!

5) Lower your goal…

Yes that really is my last tip. If you’re actually getting stressed over an online target that you set yourself, then lower it. Life is too short to worry about hitting a challenge that in the long run, doesn’t mean much. I enjoy the challenge of trying to hit mine, but if it gets half way through the month and I’m not on track, then I’ll just lower my total.

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