Murder On The Orient Express, Agatha Christie


Murder on the Orient Express, Agatha Christie (1934)

Genres: Mystery, Classics, Crime

Format: Paperback

Pages: 288


My first Christie novel and what a cracker it was! This was constant dialogue near enough as Poirot tried to solve a murder mystery case. I loved the way the narrative took us through the stages of solving the crime, it made me feel like I could really try and work it out. It felt like we were getting an insight into Poirot’s thought process, which was really cool.

The lack of description meant this book really was focused on the plot, but the simple setting also didn’t warrant for a crazy amount of description anyway. I liked that we knew about each character fairly well though and each had their own mystery to solve almost. The intricate story line that Christie has woven here reminds you of how smart and amazing she is as a writer.

Towards the end I was getting serious goosebumps reading this, it was such a clever reveal and I’m interested to see how it’s done in the film. I’ve heard mixed reviews about the 2017 adaptation and I think they’ve changed some of the characters roles which seems weird to me. I liked how each character had their own interesting characterisation and twist, it made it more interesting to read and find out more about them.

Generally this book had me hooked the whole way through and I would love to read more from the world of Poirot.

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