Popular YA Books I Haven’t Read (yet)


This is may as well be called the YA Shame Tag, because damn there are a lot of popular choice books that I have not yet read. 

Shall we begin?


1) The Percy Jackson Series

I own the first two and the last book in this series… for some reason. And I have read the first one, I just haven’t been encouraged to pick up the second one. I love Greek Mythology so it surprises me that I haven’t devoured this series yet, but it is written for children, so it doesn’t offer much of a challenge to read, which I can find boring.

2) To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before Series

Again… I own this series, I bought it this year at YALC when everyone was going insane over it. I don’t really like the look of it, but so many people are loving it, that I’m hoping it surprises me. Failing that though, at least it has pretty spines…?

3) The Wrath and the Dawn Series

I own book one, but I haven’t been motivated to pick it up, it’s as simple as that for this one. Saying that, I do want to get book two in fear of a cover change, because they have such beautiful covers!

4) The Northern Lights

Now this one really is stupid, I know this is an amazing series, everyone has told me so. But I just haven’t been bothered to pick it up for some reason. Which is bizarre because it is clearly something I would love, but I think I’ll know when I’m ready to read it and really appreciate it.

5) The Grisha Trilogy 

Magic abilities, high drama… why do I not even own copies of this series? I’ve read Six of Crows and I feel like reading this series would have seriously increased my enjoyment of that book. I really don’t know why I haven’t read these ones yet…

6) The Mortal Instruments Series

I have read the first two books in this series, but I have one huge issue with it that always slumps me when reading them and puts me off going any further… I hate Jace. He is so obnoxious and arrogant and uhhhhh, he ruins my reading experience completely. Please can someone tell me I’m not alone here…?

7) Any Morgan Matson Books

Is this a crime against YA? Am I going to find someone at the end of my bed throwing books at my face? I’m sure these are really good books, but similarly to the Lara Jean books, I just don’t fancy the story. I own one, but I’m saving it for a day where I want to read a book that doesn’t require too much concentration. I think I just don’t end up reading as much contemporary as I do other genres.

Okay that’s enough of me embarrassing myself… please let me know if you’re in the dark about some of these books too. Or if they’re not worth my time in the first place?

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