Wing Jones, Katherine Webber

Wing Jones, Katherine Webber (2017)
Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Format: Paperback
Pages: 378

Wing is a fantastic heroine in this story, she is a realistic example of a teenage girl and this is what people need in a world of skinny mini super models and celebrities with all the money they could want. Wing is a curvy girl, she has family problems and she doesn’t enjoy school. As well as this she is a diverse Afro-Asian character, which is brilliant for promoting more leads that are not your token white characters.

I think we all need a bit of Wing in our lives, she is an inspiration and a fantastic example of how we must keep going through the hard times. Her brother is in a coma in this book and her family are really struggling both emotionally, but also financially to pay his hospital bills. It’s from this struggle that Wing discovers she can run, run fast! Through her families tragedy, Wing finds herself and is able to do something she is truly good at and enjoys to try and save her family. Heck, she even made me feel like I could enjoy running… side note, I still do not!

I love how even though she is going through hell, Wing has been able to find new friends and things that give her drive. She has turned this the other way round and made the best out of a terrible situation that she never expected to be in. Sometimes it’s easy to get bogged down in the bad parts of life, we forget to keep living, let Wing serve as an example that we should never let this be the case.

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