Invictus, Ryan Graudin

Invictus, Ryan Graudin (2017)
Genres: Young Adult, Sci-Fi, Time-travel
Format: Paperback
Pages: 464

This was a much anticipated release for me and I was lucky enough to receive a proof copy at YALC of this time travel adventure. I went into this book not knowing much and I came out still feeling fairly confused, but for different reasons!

This was an adventure with the crew of the Invictus as they travel through time to try to avoid an inevitable ‘fade’ where they would loose themselves in time. The story is about them trying to avoid this and the different periods they visit.

Farway Gaius McCarthy is our main character and he is someone I loved and hated, he annoyed me on one hand because he seemed to fall into his captain status. But then he does fulfil the heroic qualities I like in a lead character. I’ve seen people describe his romance with Priya as lazy, we knew them when they were already in love. But I preferred this, we didn’t have to spend time on building a romance and could jump straight into the story instead.

The story itself presents an interesting idea, people jumping through time and discovering new things about the past. This peaked my interest in new periods of history that I didn’t know much about, but now have a basic knowledge of. What a strange world it would be if we could jump back to the past and document it, a visit on the Titanic, dinner with Princess Diana, a battle with Alexander the Great. We could go anywhere and I think this is where the book kept my interest.

Overall I found the writing style fairly basic and made me initial reading rather difficult, but perhaps this was because the last book I read was The Fellowship of the Ring, which was rather detailed and heavy. However as the plot developed, the writing developed with it and this definitely left me with a big question mark above my head. You have to be a very clever writer to pull off time-travel and I think Ryan Graudin does it well!

This book opened my horizons to reading more about history and I have since invested in some more historical fiction, Philippa Gregory here I come!

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