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When it comes to the middle of the month, I start to await the arrival of my subscription boxes! I am subscribed to two book boxes and I love them both, so I thought I’d share with you their wonders.

My first sub box is from FairyLoot, a monthly YA subscription box for fans of all things bookish. I’ve been subscribed to FairyLoot for nearly a year now and I have loved every box. The imagination and effort that goes into their product is amazing, and this is all a small business ran between a couple of people.

If you subscribe to FairyLoot you can expect to receive bookmarks, tea, tote bags, pocket mirrors, candles and of course a new hardback book with a signed book plate! Of course there are different unique items each month, and these are just a few of the wonderful gifts you receive.

On top of their amazing products, their customer service is fantastic too. If I have ever had an issue or a question I always get a response within a day from them, and they are very active on Twitter too! Generally a cabby box to be subbed to! It was also awesome to meet the team at YALC this year and spin the wheel on their lucky dip, winning myself a coaster, candle and book, what could be better?!

My second subscription box is to Book Box Club, this will be my second month with them and I am excited to see what they have in store for their October box! I would say this box is fairly similar to FairyLoot and equally as awesome, I’m lucky to be subscribed to two amazing UK based boxes.

What’s more with this box, is you can join a special book club (which I am meaning to sign up to) to discuss the book of the month. I love the idea of community with this box, it’s what being apart of this online group is all about!

Products wise I can’t comment too much yet, because I have only received one box, but I got the most beautiful book in that box, so I’m impressed! Here is said book!

I subscribed to this box because they had a stall at YALC and were offering a discount on their monthly subscriptions, so I went for it and I’m glad I did!  So out of the two this box is cheaper, altogether I spend £50 on sub boxes a month and I have zero regrets, if you want something to cheer you up mid month, then they are the perfect way to do that!

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