Adulting for Adolescence


Thing 1

You do not become an adult over night, it doesn’t happen magically when you blow out your 18th birthday candles. Nor does it announce itself to you the moment you loose your virginity or get the keys to your first house. No, the moment you become an adult is unique to you. For example, for me, it was when I knew I had to get a full time job and support myself and plan my future in a way I hadn’t before.

Thing 2

Your parents are not always right. You know that feeling you get when you’re younger and your mum tells you to do something and you know she’s right to tell you even if you don’t want to admit it? Yeah the older you get the more you see the flaws in the parents and guardians around you and you realise that actually, everyone else is muddling through as much as you are.

Thing 3

Undercooked pasta tastes gross. But seriously, all those times your mum asked you to help her make dinner and you moaned about it and only half listened? Yeah be ready toburn a lot of things and undercook anything in a saucepan. I’m not saying that being adult is learning how to cook, but being able to look after yourself makes you feel pretty dam independent.

Thing 4

It is actually possible to enjoy your job, you don’t have to hate what you do. As a kid I thought career = bored to death, but now as a working human I can see that having a job is not the end of the world and actually your day doesn’t end at 5pm when you get home. What it actually means is I have my own income and I am gaining experience to add towards me fulfilling the life that I want to live.

Thing 5

You don’t have to follow the instructions. Now yes okay reluctantly perhaps when it comes to IKEA furniture you should follow the instructions. But the days of sticking to school rules and being told what to do are gone, you get to make your own choices now. You can live life outside of the box if you want to. Please don’t go around committing crimes though, that is a rule that still has to be followed.

Thing 6

Taxes suck! You know how your parents always moaned about paying taxes and not seeing half of their pay check? Yeah that is totally a thing and it is shit. I hate seeing the number on my pay check that is going to the brilliant government we have here in England… cough, cough… But handling finances and dealing with money is a boring and frustrating thing you must come to learn how to do.

Thing 7 (the last of the things)

You still get to have fun! I don’t know if it’s a common misconception or not, but there seems to be this idea that once you hit a certain number you are no longer able to go out and have crazy fun. Whilst I don’t

get out as much as I would like to, I definitely still have fun and I intend to keep doing so! Just because I’ve hit 22, doesn’t mean I’m going to cosy down and start a family anytime soon.

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