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A year and a half ago I joined the Bookstagram community after observing as an outsider for some months. I wanted to get involved myself because I wanted to express my love of reading and I wanted to be part of something that seemed to make so many people feel so happy. You can find my account here.

Since I started Bookstagram my account has gone through many changes and has grown in popularity gradually. It hasn’t been without hard work that I have got to where I am and I do treat this as a second job of sorts. I’ve seen top tips floating around so I thought I’d offer a few of my own.

Tip 1: Enjoy it

There is no point in being on Bookstagram if you are not doing it because you enjoy it. For that reason I see many popular accounts take time out so they can have a break and come back with more inspiration. It is possible to become an influencer and be paid because of your Bookstagram account, but this should not be a reason to have one. You need to love the interaction your account can bring you and the way it allows you to become part of such a brilliant community.

Tip 2: Create regular content

Posting on a daily basis will help show your account is active and consistent and will therefore boost your following and interaction. This way as well you will find you get into the habit of posting and taking photos. It helps to take photos in a bulk shoot so you can just upload without needing to do a new photo set up each day.

Tip 3: Interact

Don’t just post up your photo and leave the app, make sure you reply to comments, like other account’s photos and comment on other pictures too. This way you’ll get involved in the community and will get your account out there. Think of it as networking, you will grow your followers as well as meet some awesome people. A really easy way to interact is to ask people questions in your photo’s captions, this way you’re opening yourself up for conversation.

Tip 4: Don’t be afraid to try new things

If your photos are all the same they will get a lot less interest, so experiment with different aesthetics and shots. Like I said, I’ve gone through quite a few changes since I started my account and now I am at a point where I am very happy with my feed and the photos I take. Whether it’s just using a new filter, or changing your feed entirely, keeping it fresh and different will help you feel more inspired.

Tip 5: Use Instagram stories

I am a huge fan of Instagram stories, as a vlogger as well I found they were a great way to start getting confident in front of the camera. I try to have something go up on my story daily if I can and it’s usually offering a reading update or a photo that didn’t make it onto my feed. I like to have little chats with the camera too and interact with my followers.

Tip 6: Link to your other social accounts

If you have a blog, Twitter, YouTube etc then link them all together. The Bookstagram community seeps into all corners of the internet and if you use the same username then you can bet your dedicated followers on Instagram will also follow you on Twitter too. Each social platform offers you a different type of voice so you can channel your creativity differently.

Tip 7: Shoutouts

If you want to grow your following and meet new friends then shoutouts are a really quick and easy way to do so! People will hold shout outs all the time on Instagram, whether on their stories or on their main feeds. It’s a really awesome way to find some new accounts too that you wouldn’t have known about otherwise. If your account is popular enough you could even host your own shoutout session!

Tip 8: Take time taking your photos

You will always find that the most poplar accounts within Bookstagram are the ones who have taken time to really set up their photos well and put thought into how they would look on their feed. I’m not saying you need to put money into fancy props or an expensive camera, but just have a think about how you want your feed to look and take the effort to set your photos up.

Eight tips are enough right? I’m definitely not saying I am a pro at this by the way, but I have been doing it for a while now so I wanted to offer some tips where I could. I’ve dotted a few photos from my own feed along the way here so you can see the photos I am most proud of from my recent shoots.

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