My first ever time at YALC!


At the end of July I went to my first ever YALC and lets just say I’m still hungover from the mass exposure to books! I bought a three day ticket, going solo for the Friday and the Saturday and then with my friend Kell on the Sunday. I didn’t really feel alone for the first two days though, because I met so many new friends and spoke to soooo many book lovers. This was the first time I’d been within a community of YA readers and I revelled in the experience! You can bet I was talking to everyone in the queue, running about with people to win arcs and adding everyone I spoke to on Twitter and Instagram.

I could have easily stayed in The Olympia for a lot longer than just three days, it honestly felt so relaxing to be within the community I am usually just a part of online. Being surrounded by amazing books didn’t hurt either, if you want to see what I picked up you  can find my haul here. I have already delved into one of the books I picked up over the weekend, The Fandom by Anna Day, which actually takes place partially in The Olympia, so of course I was fangirling over that! Also this book is fantastic and I’d advice it being added to your nearest wish list for its release in January of 2018.

I worried when I first booked my tickets that three days would be too much time and I would get bored. But the world of social media assured me that three days was the best amount of time to go for, and I am very glad that I listened! It was so exciting to go in each day for YALC and slowly become more familiar with how it all worked. On day three I brought my friend along and we were able to fangirl together as well as explore a bit of ComicCon. I was also able to see Natalie Dormer talk, which isn’t YALC related, but she is my future wife, so it’s worth mentioning. Speaking of celebrities, there’s a common theory going around that Benedict Cumberbatch really likes YA, because he walked through YALC so many times over the weekend, and yet I only got to see the back of his head once 🙁

I made the educated decision to bring a small suitcase with me for the weekend, based on the amount of books I intended to buy and my scoliosis. I am so glad I did because I then didn’t feel limited with the amount of books I could buy. Although it wasn’t the easiest thing to go racing to publishers stands with to try and bag an amazing arc. I ended up with about six or seven totes, despite my extra storage, which came in handy when it came to going back home on the Sunday.

Okay I think I’m going to end this here before I continue to word vomit all over my screen. YALC was amazing guys, the best thing I have done in the book world and I will be going again next year for sure, maybe with an event bigger suitcase. Were you there? What’s book were you most excited about picking

up? (The only one I didn’t manage to get a copy of that I was desperate for was Zenith, so I’ll be waiting for release day for that one!)

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