When Dimple Met Rishi, Sandhya Menon

When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon (2017)
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult
Format: Hardback
Pages: 380
Reading Time: 01/06/17 – 09/06/17
★★★ ½

I was very excited to get my hands on the beautiful hardcover edition of this book and initially started to race through it, but had to slow myself down as it had to last me on my flight home from Canada. I think I started off liking this book because Dimple was a strong female lead who wanted to focus on her career and not finding a husband. She is caught in a net of what her parents want for her and what she wants for herself. And then there is Rishi who is the male lead and is in the same situation as Dimple, the difference being that Dimple lives for herself and Rishi lives for his parents.

If you’re reading this thinking, who are these people? Then I shall explain, Dimple is a young woman who is attending a summer programme for a coding competition, she is very excited about it and the prospect of working with her idol to create an app if she wins the competition. Rishi is going to the same summer programme, only he thinks he is going there to meet his future wife, Dimple. It turns out their parents have been trying to set them up and whilst Rishi is fully aware of this, Dimple didn’t have a clue.

Now I know we are talking about a different culture here, but it made me so angry that Dimple’s parents didn’t tell her about the situation! She is left totally in the dark when she meets Rishi and therefore throws her drink over him when he approaches her about getting married, queue the picture on the back cover (which I am not a fan of!). Anyway, despite the odds the two manage to hit it off and then I started to get annoyed a little. It all seemed to obvious how this was going to go, I was not surprised at any turn, which was a shame. Not to say that I didn’t enjoy the narrative, I just wish it offered a variation in plot.

I liked that this book was about Dimple and her career and I like that she didn’t loose sight of this once she got a boyfriend. Unfortunately, many girls seem to focus on their relationships more than themselves and this is becoming dangerously common. So I liked the promotion of healthy relationships here (A little spoiler coming up now) and that at the end of the book Dimple felt she needed to focus on herself and ended things with Rishi. Okay, okay, they get back together in the end, but that’s another example of how predictable this book was. Spoilers over!

I would say this is a fun and easy book to read, and offered an interesting insight into a culture I will admit I don’t know too much about. So yes, read this book, but don’t expect to be overly surprised by it. I would have written a more detailed review, but it is so hot today and I can’t bare to have my laptop on my legs any longer.

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