Furthermore, Tahereh Mafi

Furthermore by Tahereh Mafi (2016)
Genres: Fantasy, Children (Middle Grade)
Format: Paperback
Pages: 416
Reading Time: 12/02/17 – 23/02/17
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I was expecting great things from this book and I can totally see that they were there and the imagination was strong, but for me I found myself loosing interest. I am still left wondering if this is an Alice in Wonderland retelling; the main character is called Alice and she most definitely enters a strange dreamlike world so I would say yes, this probably is a retelling.

This book is all about a young girl called Alice who goes on a mission to find her missing father, who has been gone for some years. She takes on this mission with a boy, Oliver, the two of them enter into strange worlds and encounter a lot of odd rules and dangerous people. As the cover suggests, this was a bright and vibrant book and centred around magic and colour. This side of the story was great, I loved the new rules we got introduced with every new land the pair went to. It was very clever the way the lands wove together and you could see how other books had influenced the settings.

The characters are really intriguing in this book, in a land of magic every child has a special magical talented and I loved getting to see what each child could do. I always like to read about the ability to control a certain type of magic, so this definitely fitted into my interests. But I found this could have been explored more and I wanted to know more about Alice, I felt she was a very closed off character.

For me this book fell down because it was all over the place and I know, I know, that’s the point, but I wanted to stay longer in each place and learn more about it, get more description. The ending was really the only place I felt this was achieved and even that was very rushed to conclude. I am interested to read more from Tahereh Mafi because I really liked her writing style, it reminded me a bit of the Lemony Snicket books. I think perhaps because this was aimed at ages 9-12 I couldn’t allow myself to get into it as well.

I wish I had enjoyed this book more, but I just couldn’t get into it despite loving the concept. I would say this is a book to get excited over if you don’t mind the very fast paced narrative, but it just wasn’t for me. I do love stories with fast paced narratives, but I was left with a lot of questions after this one.

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